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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

vacay recap

Yay vacay! I love Martha's Vineyard with all my heart. I always feel like the luckiest person on earth when I am there. I know that is silly, but life is all about simple abundance, and I am so grateful for little things.

So the post is most just some photos, first fun and then a tiny bit on food and fitness!

Menemsha, I think rocks are gorgeous!

On the bike ride to Edgartown, you can kind of see the parasailer! (17 miles of biking that day.)

Morning in Oak Bluffs at the Inkwell More Menemsha
I didn't think I would ever post a photo like this, but I decided to join the bloggers in bikinis bandwagon.
On the ferry!

With the girls! My summer on the vineyard a few years back was literally the craziest time of my life. Even despite working 7 days a week and at least 3 nights a week, I really lived it up. I could never every handle that level of partying, competitive drinking and general debauchery again. But I am so glad I have the memories and stories, especially as I feel that I missed out on a lot of that going to school in the city.
Gingerbread Houses in Cottage City. Just my size.
Being a preppy poser on OB Harbor.

Beadniks beading house of worship.
Made myself a couple bracelets and a necklace. This place is AMAZING!

And Food and Fitness
Reading some blogs, pre-run!
Post run snack. The peanut butter clif bar is way better than the book!!!! Full reviews to come!
Post run stretch!
Okay, so I definitely have a lot of favorite cape and vineyard places to eat and foods I love. It was hard to pack a summer's worth into 6 days, but I did my best!

This is my annual (well it's been a few years now) calzone from Craigsville Pizza and Mexican. Spinach, eggplant, onion, garlic and broccoli.
Yup, every bit as excited to eat it as I look.
Mad Martha's ice cream. One of many ice cream place traditions. This one is sinful chocolate and oreo fro yo. I also managed to consume coffee caramel chip ice cream, twist soft serve, black raspberry chip ice cream, and lots of dough ice cream in that short time span!
Seafood chowder on menemsha harbor. Not as good as the Quarter Deck...I guess there isn't pure cream and butter!
Obviously, I ate (and drank) a lot lot more on the trip. But I didn't think to take photos. Some highlights included the unbelievable Tree Hugger Sandwich from Humphrey's...on their amazing 2 inch thick slices of doughy yet crusty bread. Coffee from Mocha Mott's. And a very late night Back door donut, so soft, fresh, melt in your mouth and warm from the oven. I normally really dislike donuts, but stumbling up to the back door of a bakery in an alley way when everything else on the island is closed is fun to miss.
It was pretty much all indulgence all the time, but worth it for sure. And shockingly the scale didn't reflect all the ice cream and other goodies, leaving me officially perplexed!
So sad to say goodbye!
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