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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Good news and bad news

Okay, so I was hoping that I wouldn't have to miss any posts and could just make a grandiose announcement, but that isn't the case (bad news). I am in the process of moving to wordpress, which will be wonderful. I have been annoyed that blogger has not made it easy for one to have multiple pages, and I just can't wait for them to get with the program any longer, so hopefully by mid-next week, I will be all set on the other page.

Once I am all settled in, I promise it will be wonderful, detailed training plans, workout ideas, FAQs, more posts about nutrition, workout and product reviews, restaurant reviews, and maybe even some recipes from my pure kitchen. So that will be wonderful. As you may have noticed, I dropped the crack from crack fitness nyc, it was really an inside jock about the addictive qualities of a certain yoga studio, but it doesn't really make sense for the blog title, especially considering I have never done a drug in my life. Well illegal anyways.

So I will post here, at a slowed pace until I can make the my wordpress blog presentable.

For a little more bad news, no workout today. I had to be at a work meeting early (and in a suit), and class ran late, past 9, so I didn't even make it to Kate's b-day party...huge bummer. I have a lot of reading and cleaning to do, so I think I will take a gym rain check, my second this week!

In better news, this morning I finally had the confidence to try on a pair of pants that I have been afraid to try on for 11 months! (I don't deal well with rejection, even from clothes.) And they, zip hooray! I am not sure if I have added tighter muscle or the 3ish pounds I have lost since starting Chandra's Challenge made that much of a difference, but I will take it. I mean they don't fit they same way did when I bought them with the suit 3 years and 7 pounds ago, but I was pretty excited. That suit was really expensive, which is the only reason I didn't throw them out with all my jeans from college! Thanks for your constant inspiration C!

I also must report that my obsession with Girl Talk is so out of control, I feel like a music missionary. I can only imagine the way I feel when I listen to Girl Talk is the way people feel on speed or adderral. I literally sprint up the 90ish stairs from the 7 in Grand Central to the 6 train. I can be sausaged on the subway with like 3 millimeters of available personal space on any side, and I will be utilizing every micrometer of that bubble to bop around. I am officially a crazy New Yorker.
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