That that don't kill me, can only make me stronger. I need you to hurry up now, cause I can't wait much longer. Kanye West, Stronger

Monday, September 29, 2008

Playlist of the Week: Guilty Pleasures

This list is a combination of songs from my favorite guilty pleasure shows: The OC, Gossip Girls, and the Hills. It could also be called the SoCali playlist or the Josh Schwartz playlist I guess.

While I was never really that into the OC. I loved that Schwartz was so into the music. I loved the many soundtracks and listening to the producer commentary on the music. Plus, it introduced me to so many bands and songs that I would have never heard of, the Dandy Warhols, Jem, Spoon, Rooney. They are just not played on the top 40 stations.

The same team that did the music for the OC, does Gossip Girl and Grey's. I also added some songs from the Hills because MTV also tries to promote new bands on its shows.

It took me a while to edit this list, so there are a lot of great songs that may not be included for one of the following reasons:

-Many of my favorite OC and Grey's songs (Dice, To be Alone with You) are really paced for cardio, so I omitted those and picked the best workout songs.

- I did hit a roadblock because it a lot of the songs aren't available on itunes, so I also omitted those. But if you are interested in these newer bands, all the songs played on Gossip Girl and the Hills are available online with a touch of googling. You can also hear more about the method of selecting GG music here. Bands that were played on all the shows included: The Kills, The Virgins and the Pierces...Vampire Weekend is pretty hot now too.

-I already had it listed on my Music to Keep You Moving list or another Playlist of the Week. A lot of the really mainstream popular ones I figured you had already heard.

Okay here it is, please enjoy!

Shut up and let me go-ting tings
Just Dance-Lady Gaga
I Fell in Love with the DJ-Che Nelle
Crazy Bitch-Buckcherry
Untouched-The Veronicas
Hook and Line-The Kills
Nice Sweet Sexy by DIFX ft.Imperio & Cru
Here It Goes Again-OK GO
Candy Store-Miss Eighty 6
Rich Girls-The Virgins
Knock Knock-Lyrics Born
Fernando Panda-The Virgins
Bittersweet World-Ashlee Simpson
Diamond Boy Hipster-Washington Social Club
Beautiful Love-The Afters
I Just Wanna Live-Good Charlotte
Damaged-Danity Kane
We Used to Be Friends-Dandy Warhols
Whoa Oh-The Sickest Kids
As-Har Mar Superstar
Let It Go-Kari Kimmel
Passion-Kreesha Turner
Rock Star-Prima J
Jezebel-two hours traffic
Sexy Mistake-The Chalets

Weekly Workout Wrap Up

Superquick wrap-up


Tuesday-30 minute run, lots of walking

Wednesday-1 hour 15 minutes elliptical, stay slim on the road workout from Fitness Mag

Thursday-can't remember, maybe nothing!

Friday-80 minutes elliptical

Saturday-1 hour elliptical

12 mile run-conquered my fear of the Queensborough Bridge (aka 59th Street Bridge), ran to Central Park did a loop with a friend and ran home. And yes, I did put on Feelin Groovy by Simon and Garfunkel for the occasion.

Spinning class

This week was lacking strength work!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Inspiration, Spring Marathons, Links, Products and More

Here is the usual Thursday mish mosh round up:


Do you want to kill yourself after 30 minutes on the treadmill? Dean Karnanzes recently ran 48 hours and 212 miles on a treadmill. He didn't break the Guinness record, but man!

MOVIE: If you need more inspiration, I highly recommend the Spirit of the Marathon movie, check for local screenings! You don't even have to move, how easy is that?

Top secret announcement--the upcoming NYC Team in Training Chapter will be training for three fabulous Marathons:

Rome Marathon (Run/Walk) - March 22, 2009 - Rome, Italy
Country Music Full & Half Marathon (Run/Walk) - April 25, 2009 - Nashville, TN.
New Jersey Full & Half Marathon (Run/Walk) - May 3, 2009 - Long Branch, NJ

If you live in NYC, I can personally assure you that TNT will make it your marathon experience magical! However, I am sure all chapters of TNT seriously rock, so see if your what your local chapter is training for. If you don't do groups, think outside the box, there are marathons in the most incredible locations: Rome, Paris, The Great Wall Marathon (China), The Polar Circle Marathon (Greenland), The Big Five Marathon (South Africa), just to name a few!

To properly fuel yourself, check out Vital Juice Daily's fall produce picks, replete with some yummy recipes.

For some fuel on the run, I just tried a Chia Spice Kardea bar
I am really trying to eat only all natural bars. Ingredients are far more important to me than fiber, fat or calories. Even my beloved Kashi Golean Crunchy Chocolate Caramel bars, have too many weird things (Mechanically Fractionated Palm Kernel Oil?) in them for me to feel good about ingesting them. These were offered to me by Kardea, and after checking out the stats online they seemed to be pretty good. These bars have a few items that seem to be added to punch up the fiber, like psylium husch and chicory root fiber, but overall everything seems like it came from the earth not a factory. Inside they look like nuts and grains stuck together with maple syrup or honey. However, they are not too sticky or too sweet, although I wish the first ingredient wasn't Brown Rice Syrup. And I love that agave, a low GI sweetener was included, as it is expensive for companies to add. Overall 9 grams of sugar is not bad at all, and at modest 150 calories these provide a tasty and satisfying snack perfect for taking the edge off the 4PM hunger call. Despite not being a fan of chai tea--but love cinnamon, these were really good. And not so sweet that they made me crave sweets all afternoon. A keeper.

The Amphipod

I have really been needing something to put stuff in while I run, and I think the Amphipod Micropack Land Sport may be my answer. It clips on to your pant or shorts with just enough storage for your credit cards, id, keys, mp3 player and money. This way I can stop being a bra stuffer...btw metrocards are sweat resistant up to 12 miles :). Most shorts and pants don't have the proper storage for things besides gus and gels, but this looks great for when I don't want to bring my bulky fuel belt!

New Britney Spears Song


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Joy of Running (and Walking)

*Sorry for no "workout to try" yesterday. Work has been insane lately! But here is a new suggestion, get a massage! Nothing will aid recovery and get you ready to go again as if magic, like a good massage. It is a luxurious treat for sure, but so worth it! Especially during this marathon season, you deserve it! All those aches and pains will melt away and your body will release toxins, leaving you feeling relaxed, balanced and calm, yet invigorated and ready for anything.

Long before I ever thought I would run a mile just for fun, I loved walking. I walked and walked for years before I finally committed myself to learning to run--as I have mentioned running does not come naturally to be--AT ALL. Obviously, I managed to somehow overcome my mental and physical (running induced asthma) barriers with running, and I now enjoy it--usually.

However, running and walking serve very different purposes for me. That is why I like the book Marathoning for Mortals: A Regular Person's Guide to the Joy of Running or Walking a Half-Marathon or Marathon. Super long title, but it makes marathoning (or half-marathoning) so accessible.

For me, running is a great social exercise. There is nothing like spilling a week's worth of built up gossip over a long run. When I am alone, I like to day dream, create to do lists, think about post ideas--sadly many of which never make it to the blog, go over conversations in my head, revel in the joy of my music. And of course, the best think about running: how good it feels to stop. I do love that high!

But walking is my true joy, particularly in this short period of perfect walking weather, where the oppressive humidity of summer in the city as slipped away into cool, refreshing weather that is just a few degrees above jacket weather. For me, nothing clears the mind like a good long walk. That is why I make an extra effort to walk to work from Grand Central as often as possible. I often turn off my ipod so I can truly experience what is going on around me. I actually take notice of the little girls with American Girl dolls tucked under their arms (few scenes can warm my heart like the sight of that), the person walking 7 dogs, the delicious smell of the bakeries in the morning, the beautiful produce in the fruit carts, and the gorgeous flower stalls that bedeck even the most hole-in-the-wall delis.

Moreover, walking gives me the chance to deal with the personal issues going on in my life. I can't seem to do that while running. Walking seems to be a much better time to sort out emotions, think about goals and aspirations, and detox from the stresses of the day.

Great quote of the post, from Audrey Hepburn, who I used to be freakishly obsessed with to the point of intervention. I would say, I am now at the obsessive, yet functioning fan level.


Sad news! The NYU Biathlon was canceled, so I didn't get to test my skills. However, it may have been a good thing because it happened to fall on the last day of my 3-day juice cleanse, probably not the best time to be sprinting. I really think all things work out for a reason.

Oh yes, the new website, slowly but surely coming along. By next Wednesday for sure. Lots of product reviews, training plans and FAQs await.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Playlist of the Week:DMB!

Okay, I am a huge Dave Matthews Band fan! I grew up in Saratoga and summer Dave concerts at SPAC were kind of non-negotiable--as was being a fan.

I really like Dave as a pop alternative, especially for the ellip. or biking.

Pretty much the entire Everyday album rocks for working out, but here is a list with a bit more variety. Generally in warm up to fast to cool down order.

-So Much Too Say
-The Best of What's Around
-What Would You Say
-Dreams of Our Fathers
-Hunger for the Great Light
-I Did It
-So Right
-If I Had it All
-Where are You Going
-Say Goodbye (my fav DMB song, and interestingly about the very same topic as my favorite Christina Aguilera song, Get Mine, Get Yours...weird)

Weekly Workout Wrap Up

Lo siento! Estoy aqui! Estoy muy occupada!

Monday: rest day, walked to and from work-4 miles.

Tuesday: test run (3 miles for speed, as discussed in post last week), 25 min. ellip, 10 min rower, arm flow series+flow push up, slim down on the road workout

Wednesday: stay slim on the road workout--this always makes my abs sore!, 4 mile run, 2 mile walk to work

Thursday-no workout :(

Friday: walk to work, 30 minute treadmill run+arm flow workout

Saturday-5 mile run

Sunday-5th Ave Mile race (1 mile lol, it's a NYC marathon qualifier, so I couldn't pass it up);
spinning class

Playlist to come.

Tened una semana buena!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Good news and bad news

Okay, so I was hoping that I wouldn't have to miss any posts and could just make a grandiose announcement, but that isn't the case (bad news). I am in the process of moving to wordpress, which will be wonderful. I have been annoyed that blogger has not made it easy for one to have multiple pages, and I just can't wait for them to get with the program any longer, so hopefully by mid-next week, I will be all set on the other page.

Once I am all settled in, I promise it will be wonderful, detailed training plans, workout ideas, FAQs, more posts about nutrition, workout and product reviews, restaurant reviews, and maybe even some recipes from my pure kitchen. So that will be wonderful. As you may have noticed, I dropped the crack from crack fitness nyc, it was really an inside jock about the addictive qualities of a certain yoga studio, but it doesn't really make sense for the blog title, especially considering I have never done a drug in my life. Well illegal anyways.

So I will post here, at a slowed pace until I can make the my wordpress blog presentable.

For a little more bad news, no workout today. I had to be at a work meeting early (and in a suit), and class ran late, past 9, so I didn't even make it to Kate's b-day party...huge bummer. I have a lot of reading and cleaning to do, so I think I will take a gym rain check, my second this week!

In better news, this morning I finally had the confidence to try on a pair of pants that I have been afraid to try on for 11 months! (I don't deal well with rejection, even from clothes.) And they, zip hooray! I am not sure if I have added tighter muscle or the 3ish pounds I have lost since starting Chandra's Challenge made that much of a difference, but I will take it. I mean they don't fit they same way did when I bought them with the suit 3 years and 7 pounds ago, but I was pretty excited. That suit was really expensive, which is the only reason I didn't throw them out with all my jeans from college! Thanks for your constant inspiration C!

I also must report that my obsession with Girl Talk is so out of control, I feel like a music missionary. I can only imagine the way I feel when I listen to Girl Talk is the way people feel on speed or adderral. I literally sprint up the 90ish stairs from the 7 in Grand Central to the 6 train. I can be sausaged on the subway with like 3 millimeters of available personal space on any side, and I will be utilizing every micrometer of that bubble to bop around. I am officially a crazy New Yorker.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Training Update: The Test

So I have two one mile races to run, a biathlon and the 5th Ave Mile for Road Runners. So I decided to, once again, take the TNT test. As I mentioned yesterday, I did this test for the first time in July 2007, it is interesting that it was way harder for me then.

Goal and Description per my former coach:

Run from the S to the 1 Mile mark at a 'good speed'
You will do this 3 times. (that means you will run 3 x 1 mile fast , yahhoooooo !!)

How to run this Test?

This workout it's all about How fast you can run 1 Mile, simple as that !!

Of course, most of you never tried to run a fast mile, so You need to understand that when I say "1 mile as fast as you can", doesn't mean SPRINT for 1 mile, there's no way you can sprint for 1 mile.

You will need to figure out how far a mile is, and find out what's the effort you can maintain for that distance. And that brings us again to our 'breathing' use your breathing as your guide.

You know how you felt during the Effort level workout last week? Well…. you should feel/breath about the same or even a bit higher today.

E1(effort 1, also known as recovery) and E4 (effort 4, anaerobic threshold)

-E1is a really slow jog, the main goal of the E1 is to bring the heart rate down a quick as possible, so you need really bring down the effort
-E2 will be a little higher Effort than that, it's more or less what we call our 'Easy' pace, the pace that we usually run when we go for our 3-4 mile run.
-E3, will be a little higher than that, feels like you are kind of in the 'edge' of your 'comfortable' pace.
-E4 is definitely a challenging effort, you should not be able to talk much at all, maybe a couple of words here and there.

You have 3 attempts to get a good mile. Use you first mile to figure out things a bit. If during the 1 st you died/slowed down/crawled , you know you need to start the second one a little slower, on the other hand, if you are not breathing heavy by the time you cross the finish don't be shy ! push a bit on your next one.

You'll find out more or less how fast you can run 1 mile…my addition: this can be important as if you ever have to run for your life, you will know how fast you can anticipate moving.

Here were my results:

I did this on the treadmill, so it is not as pure as if done outside, but hey.

Mile 1: 8:05
3 minute walk at 3.8mph

Mile 2: 7:40
3 minute walk

Mile 3: 7:59

Not bad, considering how much I hate to get out of my comfort zone.

I did that on my lunch hour.

After work, I hit the gym for a regular workout ( I went to the other school gym, 'cause I really know how to live it up):

25 on ellip.

10 on rower

Arm flow weight series (based on Physique 57 arm series), 20 of each of the following with out rest: alternating bicep curls, double bicep curls, alternating curls palms facing in, double BCPFI, bent over tricep extensions, 20 pulses with arms straight out behind you. Return to upright standing position, bring arms straight in front of you bent at 90, open to look like a football goal post, in and out for 20, pulse up for 20, upright row with weights, transition to overhead press with weights, transition to overhead tricep extensions, put weights down and transition to flow push ups.

Then I did the Stay Slim on the Road Workout with a couple extra ab moves.

After that I promised myself a manicure for a job well done, showered, dashed to Sephora to do my make up and then meet up with friends for a party.

Tonight I have a running date! (Just a girlfriend who will literally chat me through 4-6 miles, my favorite way to run!)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

If push ups could be fun...

Move to try: Awesome Arm Workout

This is a flowing arm circuit, so it is done at a fun, fast pace. However, you may need to read it a few times to visualize it before you begin.

Stand up with feet wide apart.

Reach hands to the ground and walk out to push up position.

Push hips back, so you are in a downward dog position, with feet apart.

Pulse back twice and then move body forward into push up position and do one push up. (Hands never move)

Continue to double pulse back , one push up series for 8 push ups.

Then do one pulse, one push up for 8 reps.

Advanced, do one pulse, two push ups for 8.

Drop knees to ground and bring legs together.

Push back to child's pose.

From here, pulse back for two, move forward and push up for one.

Now pulse back two, come forward to push up and at the same time lift right leg into air behind you. Repeat with left leg. do 8 reps on each side.

To finish, drop to one pulse back, one push up forward. 8 reps each side.

Advanced, one pulse, two push ups, 8 reps each side.

Have fun!

Monday, September 15, 2008

POTW: The One that Will "Change Your Cardio Life"

Playlist of the week

Okay, so I got three recommendations for music...and they were all the same suggestion! In addition to these three amazing ladies (who are not bloggers--yet) Kate (who we all know (on some level) and love) also highly endorsed:

Girl Talk: Feed the Animals.

I was assured that this will "change my cardio life"...and boy were they right. I can not believe I have never heard of Girl Talk before!

Literally, the music is amazing. Gena was sweet enough to burn me Night Ripper and I downloaded Feed the Animals (the newest album). It is a DJ who will mix like 25 songs on one track, you might hear Biggie, Kanye, Little Mama, Elton John, Dexy's Midnight Runners, Prince, Salt and Pepper, the Village People, Smashing Pumpkins and Faith Evans all in one song. Great hip hop and rock beats are overlaid and underlaid to create amazing, and very familiar songs. I am not a huge remix fan, so don't freak out if you like purity!

I literally can not get enough, I have been walking down the street with my ipod, grinning like a cat who swallowed a canary. I attacked both my roommates, and since we share itunes, pretty much demanded they listen immediately.

So you can't buy the albums itunes. But you can pay what you wish on illegal art for Feed the Animals and listen to and buy Night Ripper on Rhapsody. I just love when you hear one of those great cheesy rap lines like: watch out for my medallions my diamonds are restless, it feels like a midget is hangin' from my necklace.

Okay, because that was not a playlist, more of the most enthusiastic recommendation of all time.

Here is the actual playlist of the week.

So I mentioned that my friend gave me her ipod. Well 800 or so of the 1024 songs were country--and had to be removed immediately. No offense to country, but I can't work out to it. So while she hates hip hop, she is an amazing hip hop dancer and Crunch asks her to be in their DVDs all the time, so she occasionally downloads hip hop and pop to practice to.

After serious scouring, I was able to find a few songs to make a pretty stellar playlist. I added the new Pink and Jessica Simpson songs just because I like them now. I forgot I can't access itunes at work, so I will add the link to the mix later..and make sure the playlist is correct! But if you want you can find it by searching itunes in the isport mixes for Fitness NYC.

37 minutes total

Warm up: Don't Stop Believin-Journey

Fighter-Christina Aguilera

So What-Pink

Tell Me-Diddy

Dip it Low-Christina Milian

Pass that Dutch-Missy Elliot

Break It Off-Sean Paul and Rihanna

It's Like That-Mariah Carey

Fighter-Christina Aguilera

Cool Down: Come on Over-Jessica Simpson

Sorry for the random photo, I needed something, and Sam's a DJ.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekly Workout Wrap Up

Another week in fitness

Monday: 3s and 5s interval run 5.2 miles--I think


60 minutes elliptical

This workout was conquered Sean Covey Style (7 Habits), I began with the end in mind because I was feeling kind of blah. By 15 minutes in, I was enjoying myself. Sometimes it's good to have a plan.


2 mile walk
30 minute elliptical
15 minutes assorted crunches


40 block sprint walk--I was running late

Crunch Fat Burning Pilates DVD
Zumba Special K Dance DVD


I did my 3s and 5s interval run, but reversed the interval sprints and tempo runs, so it looked like this:

1st Set
3 minute sprint interval (sprint 1 minute , jog 1 minute, sprint 1 minute) (7.5, 6, 7.5)
3 minute tempo run (6.5)
3 minute sprint interval (sprint 1 minute , jog 1 minute, sprint 1 minute) (7.0, 6, 7.0)

Recovery: 3 minute walk or jog (4)

2nd Set
5 minute sprint interval (sprint 1 min., jog 1 min, sprint 1 min., jog 1 min., sprint 1 min.)(8, 6, 8, 6, 8)
5 minute tempo run (6.8)
5 minute sprint interval (sprint 1 min., jog 1 min, sprint 1 min., jog 1 min., sprint 1 min.) (8, 6, 8, 6, 8)

Recovery: 3 minute walk or jog (4)

3rd Set

3 minute sprint interval (sprint 1 minute , jog 1 minute, sprint 1 minute) (7.5, 6, 7.5)
3 minute tempo run (6.5)
3 minute sprint interval (sprint 1 minute , jog 1 minute, sprint 1 minute) (7.2, 6, 7.2)

Cool down:3 minute walk or jog (4)

Whew that was killer-4.65 miles total

35 minutes on elliptical


30 minute elliptical (RPE 7)

1 hours cardio/strength workout video (Ultimate Video Workout by Kathy Smith)


4.4 mile run

Didn't want to kill myself before my first spinning class in a long time. The run was pretty great, and I wanted to do more. I ran to the Socrates Sculpture Park, my little LIC sanctuary. The new exhibit was pretty cool. I am not one to pretend to get weird art, music or dance, but somehow, it all makes sense at the SSP. The former exhibit was more mainstream weird, this one is more weird, weird, but fabulous. Plus the people taking pilates class amid the modern sculpture adds a great sense of character to park.

Spinning class

Loved it! I was a little worried because the instructor was kind of old and wearing a crop top, spandex leggings, slouch socks and a bandanna headband, but her class was good and hard. And the music was stellar too, which is so important. She said she took it easy on us because it was the first class of the quarter and there were several beginners, so I can't wait to see what she has in store for next week!

I will say I was annoyed that she kept saying to sprint with zero resistance. Sprint with no resistance is not only kind of dangerous, but ineffective. You really need some resistance to strength your muscles and up the calorie burn, even if you are sprinting. There is no point in just letting your legs fly around the wheel hither and yon.

I am going to try to sneak into a class that incorporates strength and spinning that the gym offers. I will give you the full review on that since it is different than a regular cardio focused spinning class, which I assume most are familiar with. But if you have questions, holla!

PS I am pooped!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Run rearranging and the death of an ipod

So today I had such grand visions of either a nice long run or doing the infamous "test run" to start preparing for 5th Ave Mile and mini biathlon. It is the same workout I wrote about here, and I will be doing it again very soon, so more detail to come!

Yet, neither happened. I am not sure if it was the sticky weather, my ipod issues (it's all about the great white screen these days), or just burn out? The world may never know.

However, I decided to shift running to tomorrow. Instead I did 30 minutes on the elliptical in the morning and then The Ultimate Video Workout by Kathy Smith in the evening. Love the video, great 1 hour combo of classic aerobics followed by strength and toning done at an aerobic pace. As always with workout videos, I mute the sound and crank the itunes.

So my ipod has been on the fritz for several weeks, today I knew that it was a goner. I do not need a giant shuffle and the white screen was getting old. So planned to go to the Apple Store and pick up the new nano, since the timing couldn't have been better and the price has been lowered to $149--plus I get 10% off for returning my broken one. I figured I would have to suck it up, and find ways to save elsewhere--do my own manicures, brows and spread out my waxings and haircuts to an even more ridiculously protracted time frame.

Fortunately, after having a lovely brunch with a friend a few blocks from my place, we got on the train heading to the city, and I told her that I was going to the mac store, blah, blah, blah. And she said she had an extra nano that she doesn't use anymore because she ran out of room and got a new one. Of course I took her up on her incredible generous offer! I am such a hand me down kid, my blackberry is also a generous hand me down. But hey, I'm generous too, does anyone want a really old magenta razor? haha!

So anyways that was really lucky. Then I had my second amazing dinner of the weekend. And my friend who gave me quite possibly the best cd of all time. I know such kind kind people! More on the tunes Monday!

I have kind of enjoyed the laziness of the weekend so far, nothing crazy planned. After dinner I wandered around Virgin in a very nostalgic way. I used to dorm a couple blocks from Virgin. During finals, whenever I was stressing, I would run to Virgin, listen to a few songs, and run back home to resume studying. Tonight, I listened to more of the Jessica Simpson album...I do love Come On Over. I considered buying My So-Called Life and Laguna Beach Season Two on DVD, but decided to wait and look for better deals. While I was looking at all the TV DVDS, I was thinking about all the great shows I watched in my impressionable youth: Avonlea, Clarissa Explains It All, Daria, the Wonder Years, all so relatable. I swear Clarissa and Clueless played huge parts in shaping my middle school personality. Ah nostalgia, it is so sweet.

Good night everyone.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Deals, news, links, food, etc.

We made it to another Friday!

Here are a couple good deals:

*Try out running shoes for 15 days, risk free!
If you buy shoes from the Finish Line between Sept 6th and Nov. 16th you can try them for 15 days, and if you are not satisfied you can return them for a full refund. See styles that it applies to here. Plus they are having a huge fall clearance right now.

An Afternoon Indulgence at Physique 57
Saturday, September 27th1:00-4:00
Spring Street StudioInvestment: $110

-signature Physique 57® class,
-Physique Yoga
-personalized skin analysis and invitation for a complimentary full hour facial at Bergdorf Goodman OR perfectly frame your face with the Brow Divas from world famous Damone Roberts Brow Salon.
-15% off workout attire at the Physique Boutique
-one-on-one time with Tanya and Lois to answer your individual fitness questions.

Food news:

The Blueprint Cleanse is all the rage right now. Not only is it the preferred detox for fashion week pre and post party detoxers, but Martha Stewart's whole team is doing it. My friend just finished a 3-day foundation level detox, and said it was amazing. I did a lot of researching--LOVE cleanse, the box, etc.--and then I came across the poor man's blue print cleanse, which I am very tempted to try. As sad as it is, even the $65 dollar a day Blueprint Cleanse cost isn't too crazy, considering I often spend that on one meal out. It's hard to be a foodie..but at least I don't pay for gas! And let me tell you, I am excited for One to night with Kate and brunch at Essex tomorrow and dinner at the very best, Pure, tomorrow night! Man I need a cleanse, right? I am trying to first detox from Diet Coke in preparation, but not eating for three days? I am not sure I can do it. haha I'll let you know!

Articles of interest:

Okay, back to my GG obsession. Guess who got fashion icon of the month?

And speaking of food here is an interesting article for all you food bloggers that I saw on Vital Juice Daily. Flashing photos of your pics helps you lose weight. No wonder all you fab food bloggers are doing so well! I can't even write down what I eat for a day--or until noon for that matter, so I just could never handle it, but kudos to those who can and do. You make my day more interesting. Just for fun, I'll share yesterday's dinner with you all. It was a special occasion, as you'll see!

Thanks to Kath and Matt for the delicious bagel. It more than lived up to my ridiculously high New Yorker bagel standards--I will only eat (mini) bagels from H&H, Brooklyn Bagel Company and occasionally, Ess-a-Bagel. But even though it was in the freezer for three weeks, once it was defrosted and toasted, it was dense, chewy and delicious, with a subtle hint of sweetness that is so divine in wheat bread products. Way to boil, then bake Matt!

Clearly, I ate it Kath style, candles, place mats and all! Luckily, I was the only one home, I think my roommates would have made fun of me for busting out the candle lighter for a bagel! I have to say eating without another person, computer or magazine in front of me was a pretty bizarre feeling, almost unsettling. I better do it more often.
Sorry for the sprouts messing up the plate, yuck! Obv. Whole wheat bagel with whipped cottage cheese and cinnamon. Half a sliced plum. Salad with baby spinach, purple cabbage, sprouts, carrots, baby grape tomatoes, and cucumber topped with some balsamic vinaigrette.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just Call Me Joiner

Wow, this week I flung myself full force into all NYU Athletics has to offer..and as we are a D3 school (except for fencing) with no football team, take that how you will.

Great quote from Michael Ian Black at the Presidential Welcome this year, "I see the mascot is now a bobcat. That's good because when I was a student, our mascot was a violet. That sucked. I mean a bobcat can rip your throat out, what's a violet going to do? Aggravate your allergies?"

Nevertheless, I really missed exercising with others so I sent an email to the coaches of the hiking and running intramural clubs, asking to join.

If you want some ideas of new programs or classes to join, check out this timeout article. It has ideas for everything from running to kranking. I thought the photo from Grease exemplified "joining."

I also signed up for a biathlon challenge on September 23rd. It is a 1 mile run on the roof top track and swim 6 laps of the pool (150 meters). I am a little nervous, but I thought a bi would be a good test drive while I consider doing a tri. Plus, unlike most, I am most comfortable with the swimming, so I am happy to avoid the biking.

And I signed up for spinning!!!! Yay! Only one class a week fit my schedule, but something is better than nothing.

I also signed up for two NYRR races. The Continental Airlines Fifth Avenue Mile (yes one mile) and Grete’s Great Gallop Half Marathon.

Did you know running races is like riding rides in Disney World? It is. There is always a picture to buy at the end. I just got an email announcing the photos from the Fitness run were available. This is too funny because the photos are incredibly expensive, horrendously unflattering, and sometimes not even you. You can check these babies out if you like. Needless to say, I will not be making a purchase. Guess which one isn't me!

PS If you haven't taken a moment to remember those lost, feel free to do it now if you like.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Running Book Reviews: Thumbs Down, Thumbs Up

I found The Runner's Diet very disappointing, especially as it is put out by Runner's World, which is usually a great source of information.

My main issue with the book is that in the corner it says for both new and experienced runners. This is not true, this is for people who have never run before and want to take up running in order to lose weight. Not for athletes interested in learning more about the best way to fuel their bodies for the sport. I guess I should have headed the amazon reader reviews! I think Runner's World Performance Nutrition for Runners: How to Fuel Your Body for Stronger Workouts, Faster Recovery, and Your Best Race Times Ever may have been what I was after.

Madelyn Fernstrom, the author, makes good points on needing to start with a diet and exercise plan you can stick to. Her target audience seems to be primarily people who have trouble sticking to a program long term. The overall tone of the book was not inspiring or optimistic IMO.

Her coverage of actual nutrition is brief. However, she does make a few good points, especially that runners do have to watch calories and that gels and sports drinks are often unnecessary, even for those running long distances.

One thing I found interesting was that she suggested a 50% carb, 25% protein, 25% fat ratio. This is so you have the carbs you need for energy, but the protein and fat for satiety. I think this is the best advice in the book because carb loading is so unnecessary, and if running makes you hungry, you want to be filled up! I will try to up my protein.

Her suggested diet plan was a 7-day 1200 calorie diet with fairly boring foods, and certainly not very much food! She does give a mathematical formula to figure out your calorie needs, so you can increase from that starting point.

On the nutrition end, this book was written for someone who knows very little about nutrition, however, my main problem with book was that there was hardly any running suggested. There was a walking plan and a very modest running plan for just twice a week to start. And even the "running" plan included walking. I am pretty sure experienced runners can handle 30 minutes without needed to build up to it with walking intervals. That was confusing, I can't imagine someone who had never run before feeling the need for a book about running nutrition. The book would have been more aptly titled "Here is how to build from walking to running a few times a week and lose weight with the help of a calorie controlled diet."

Okay on to the THUMBS UP review.

I admit it, I love autobiographies. I just do! This book was translated, so I am sure the Japanese version was even more poetic, but I truly enjoyed this book. And as I have never read any of Haruki Murakami's other books, I am excited to check out his literary works. This book was relaxing an calming to read. It is not incredibly exciting, heroic or inspiring, like Ultramarathon Man or Swimming to Antarctica, but that almost makes it more relatable to the average reader. Nevertheless, Murakami has ran 25 marathons, so he is quite accomplished, but he is so humble that his loosely woven story of reflections seems almost attainable. Even the casual runner can surely relate to his thoughts about running.

Here are a few of my favorite quotes:

"If you live in Boston, Sam Adams (Summer Ale) and Dunkin Donuts are essentials of life. But I discovered to my delight that even these indulgences can be offset by persistent exercise."

"I'm the type of person who doesn't find it painful to be alone."

"I'm on a leisurely jog along the Charles River, girls who look to be new Harvard Freshman keep passing me. Most of these girls are small, slim, have on maroon Harvard-logo outfits, blond hair in a ponytail, and brand-new ipods, and they run like the wind....They all look so bright, so healthy, attractive, serious, brimming with self-confidence....Have I ever had such luminous days in my own life? Perhaps a few. But even if I had a long ponytail back then, I doubt if it would have swung so proudly, as these girls' ponytails do."

"I'm not a human. I am a piece of machinery. I don't need to feel a thing. Just forge on ahead. I repeat this like a mantra."
"You can not finish a marathon if you are half-hearted about it."

"Cycling training alone is, truthfully, pretty tough. Long runs done for marathons are lonely, but hanging on to the handlebars of a bike by yourself and pedaling on and on is a much more solitary undertaking...sometimes it strikes me as an intricate form of torture."

"One by one, I'll face the tasks before me and complete them the best I can. focusing on each stride forward, but at the same time taking a long range view, scanning the scenery as far ahead as I can. I am, after all, a long-distance runner."

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just in: New Nano

Apple is launching a new Nano. It looks a lot like the first nano+video! This is good news for those who like things slim and sleek; I was never a fan on the chunky square video nano!

Does Wearing Heels Burn More Calories?

I don't even know if I am going to workout today since I have lots of plans tonight, including getting to see a show at Fashion Week. So excited, thanks Shane! So running around in heels, (0kay, I will be alternating flops and heels) may be it. After the show, I am going to a raw food class at Bonobos. If I get home and I have lots of energy, maybe I'll do a workout video or some stair running. Now that I sit for 12 hours straight on class days, stairs are becoming even more important in my life. Luckily (I type this with a note of sarcasm), one of my classes is on the 8th floor. But trust me, if you saw the lines for the elevators, you'd hike it too!

Back to fashion for a sec, did anyone else love Serena's dress last night? I enjoyed every minute of the episode, I find season 2 much better than 1 so far. One was kind of painful at points!

Since yesterday I posted the workout I was planning to post today I don't have too much to say.
However, I am planning on signing up for spinning classes (2x a week) and a hip hop dance class (1x a week) at the school gym this semester. I hope I get in to the classes, I have missed spinning terribly!

I also think I am going to sign up for the September 28th NY Road Runner's Marathon Tune Up, which is 18 miles. I am going to have to recruit some of my running friends for that one because an ipod just won't be enough. And if anyone in the NYC area is interested in joining me, let me know. You don't have to run the whole thing, you actually don't even have to sign up (it's a free park) unless you want to count it as a marathon qualifier for IMGNYC 2009.

All right, that's all for today.
JK, one more thing, I just downloaded So What? by Pink, so I am excited to workout to it! Buying new music is always a great workout motivator, even if only to dance around your room! I am a little out of the top 40 loop right now :(, so if you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Rock Your Body Challenge: 3s and 5s treadmill challenge

I made up this workout last night and did it this morning. I was planning to post it tomorrow, but I was so excited that I decided to share it tonight. I mentioned I was a huge dork right? (As if it's not apparent.)

So my goal for the workout was four-fold:

1.) Easy to remember-I hate when magazine workouts are just all over the place, with times and speeds. This is a series of 3 minute and five minute sets.

2.) Hard-I thought it was pretty hard, you should need the recovery intervals, but I have options for make it harder, easier or quicker at the end. Of course, the faster you run, the harder it is!

3.) Not boring-you never have to do the same thing for more than 5 minutes, MAX!

4.) A combo of intervals and tempo runs-calorie killers and fat blasters, respectively!

So here is:

I listed my speeds in mph in parentheses--I get faster as my body warms up. But you should be sprinting at your personal sprint level, tempo running at a comfortably hard pace, and recovering at a slow enough pace to resume normal breathing in 3 minutes.

45 minutes total

Warm up: 3 minutes easy walk or jog (4 mph) Take this time to get psyched. Tell yourself how great your workout is going to be. You are going to get through it and rock it! Tough love version: You took the time to get on the treadmill, so make the most of every minute, otherwise you are wasting your time.

1st Set

3 minute tempo run (6.5 )
3 minute sprint interval (sprint 1 minute , jog 1 minute, sprint 1 minute) (7.5, 6, 7.5)
3 minute tempo run (6.7)

Recovery: 3 minute walk or jog (4)

2nd Set

5 minute tempo run (6.7)
5 minute sprint interval (sprint 1 min., jog 1 min, sprint 1 min., jog 1 min., sprint 1 min.)
(7.5, 6, 7.5, 6, 7.5)
5 minute tempo run (7) You are more than half way WOO-HOO!

Recovery: 3 minute walk or jog (4)

3rd Set

3 minute tempo run (7)
3 minute sprint interval (sprint 1 minute, jog 1 minute, sprint 1 minute) (8, 6, 8)
3 minute tempo run (7)

Cool down:

3 minute walk or jog (4)
Take this time to congratulate yourself for all your effort, the hardest part of your day is behind you! Calories torched, energy up, and the lovely glow radiating from your cheeks!

Make it harder:

-add incline (even just to the recovery intervals)
-run faster
-cut out recovery segments or run them

Make it easier/and or quicker:

-Do jog, sprint, jogs for the intervals
-Cut out second tempo run after each sprint interval (saves 11 minutes)
-Run slower

This was great with 5 minutes of stretching and 10 minutes of ab work this morning. I think next time I will jog the recovery intervals or add a steep incline.

Playlist of the Week: I Love Rock and Roll

While I am a Top 40 workout girl, I have a healthy appreciation for the oldies. My parents are in their 60s, and I inherited my dad's love of the Beach Boys (I've been to 4 concerts), Fleetwood Mac and the Beatles (saw Paul McCartney at Pure Food and Wine).

These are my top picks for tunes to rock your workout, plus a link to a great list of rock workout songs I found online.

Warm up songs:

Start Me Up- The Rolling Stones
Go Your Own Way-Fleetwood Mac

Surfin USA, I Get Around, or Surfin Safari-Beach Boys (your pick)
Tide is High-Blondie
Help, Day Tripper, or Hard Day's Night-The Beatles
Wolly Bully-Sam the Sham (reminds me of Splash)
Run Around-Blues Travelers
Mony Mony-Billy Idol
Me and Bobby McGee-Janis Joplin
Running Down a Dream-Tom Petty
Livin on a Prayer-Bon Jovi
Dude Looks Like a Lady-Aerosmith

Cool Down
Sweet Emotion-Aerosmith
City of Blinding Lights-U2

So Brit didn't perform, but she looked fab! If she wasn't ready to perform, than it is probably best she didn't. In my opinion, Pink had the best performance, and looked pretty hot!

The VMAs were predictably disappointing, but I doubt Gossip Girl will be!

I have so much Fashion Week related gossip. But I'll just share this one little story, as it is semi-health related.

After the marathon, I had gained some weight (which is pretty common based on speaking with my fellow marathon girlfriends). During training my diet had changed and my portions had changed, so to get back on track, I went to Nu-train to see a nutritionist. My nutritionist, Dara Godfrey was this absolutely gorgeous, tall, super-thin woman, with the most amazing clothes. If she wasn't the sweetest, most down-to-earth person, she would have been one of the people I tell myself hasn't eaten a carb in five months. Anyways, the other day, I googled her to see if she had written anything about nutrition lately. I come to find out, she is married to a famous fashion designer (Jay Godfrey), her wedding was announced in the NYTimes Society pages and written up in the NYTimes Wedding Section (super exclusive). So anyways, I thought that was really funny, as I never would have guessed she wasn't a regular (gorgeous) Jane, with a smokin body and fabulous clothes.

PS I have a great workout to share with you tomorrow!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Long Run Recap and Weekly Workout Wrap Up

So 11 miles did not happen! Ooops! I actually slept in until 10:30 today, haven't done that in at least a year. Then I lazed around and watched the soup until I met my friend for brunch at Five Points. Great start to the day!
So I planned to do my run after brunch. I stopped into my office to change into my race ready shorts. I hate wearing spandex in public, but I love the storage space in these things. I could pack for a long weekend in them!!!!!

It was hard to get going midday. I just forgot that my body sent all the blood to my stomach and was using all its energy to digest (which is the most energy consuming process the body does. Thus, you are not hungry when you are sick because your body need the energy to repair you, and doesn't want to waste it on digestion.) So it was a bit hard to run on a full stomach! I like to be empty when I run, even though all through college I worked out after dinner, I guess I'm an oldie now!

I decided to just run for an hour, half an hour out and then run back. The run did get considerable better, I ran from Washington Square Park to the West Side Highway, by four miles in it was pretty nice. I ended up running up to 72nd street and then running back.

So I did 9 miles. The second half way faster than the first. When I get tired of running, I tend to speed it up. The less fun, the faster I run. I was a little disappointed that I didn't do my 11 miles, but I'll try to not beat myself up about it!

I actually had to rush back to see Perez Hilton Takes Over the Universe (or at least the greater LA area) The Musical. Which presented in the NYC Fringe Fest and happened to be directed and choreographed by a kid I went to high school with. Good to see a Shen student make it after all.

Weekly Workout Wrap Up:

Monday: Nada except a lot of walking around the Island

Tuesday: 3 mile jog and 17 mile bike ride.
Wednesday: Nada, suprisingly exhausted from my travels.

Thursday: Again nada, still so tired.

Friday: 30 minute morning elliptical, post-work workout (totally didn't want to go, but I did and felt awesome after). 30 minutes elliptical and full arm workout and 3 sets of 12 reps on all 6 leg machines.

Sat: 4 mile run and the Fitnessista Workout #1 3 sets of 12 reps with 7.5 lb weights, should have done heavier! She does a great job with the description and photos!

Sunday: 9 mile run

Pretty light week and I have plans every day for the next two weeks, so I am not sure what the next few weeks will look like! But I am not complaining; I am definitely not cool enough to ever complain about too many plans! I look forward to all of them :)

Now I am watching the VMAs instead of studying. I hope Brit performs!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Anything that can go wrong....and a little bit of luck

Okay, today's race was a challenge almost from the start.
I hadn't planned on going out last night, but my roommate and I each got invited to parties in the building, and went to both. Lappin up the vino, not a great pre-race plan--thank god the Fitness Women's Race start time was 9:30...late for races! I had to be there before number pick up and registration closed at 9:15

8:06 So this morning I woke up feeling okay, but a little less than 100% on the clarity side of things. I brushed my teeth, removed last night's mascara (finally tried my givenchy phenomen' eyes--good, but not worth the hype), threw a few things in a bag, and was running a little late. I made down a few floors in the elevator when I decided to go back and grab some cash, just in case.

Good news, there was no hurricane and it was not pouring, or even raining! But there was at least 90% humidity! Thank god for my ultra thin Hind running shirt, this thing is so light I almost feel naked in it!

When I went back up I got my key stuck in the door. I was definitely not happy because I hate hate hate to be late. I am extremely laid back, but something about being late freaks me out! So I went to the front desk and the maintenance guy was right there! So I asked him to go retrieve my key and leave it for me at the desk. The guy being right there was super lucky!

8:32AM I ran out of the building got a much needed SF Red Bull and the Duane Reade downstairs, and alternated that and water on my run to the subway.

8:36AM The train was pulling in when I arrived.

8:41AM I arrive at Grand Central and transfer to the 6 uptown-holla JLO

8:45AM I get off the subway and my ipod speakers stop working! WTF PS My ipod made a miraculous recovery after the white screen incident! So now I am ipodless for my race! I really was hoping to get a good time as I had been training a lot and had a good shot at improving!

8:46-9:05AM-I search desperately for a Duane Reade to buy new headphones, but on Lex, Madison and Park on the upper east side, Duane Reade does not mix with Dolce and Gabbana. So I make a last ditch effort to head east--out of my way--to see if the less classy 3rd ave has a DR.

9:06 No luck. There is nothing open that would sell headphones, so I hurry west to the park and check in around 9:10, enough time to pick up my goody bag and a t-shirt and an extra bag for my roomie, they said it was fine! (see below)

Magazine, Quaker Chocolate Peanut Butter Granola Bar, Mini Luna PB Cookie Bar (ate it on the way home), Body Wash Gel, Quattro Razor, Girl Scout Alumnae Registration Card

Function Light Weight Acai Pomegrante drink with ECGG. Tasted just like Diet Snapple Raspberry Iced Tea. Fine tasting, but nothing special.

9:15-I put on bib and secure chip to shoe. and head to corrals

9:30-Race starts. Despite the fact that I had no tunes for the first time in forever, I actually liked being aware of what was going on around me. I could focus on finishing. I could listen to others conversations. (People listening on the run.) There were a lot of first timers in the race!

Mile 1 I took easy

Mile 2 I was feeling good so I speed up

Mile 3 I concentrated on short strides and low arms during the uphills. Lifting my knees and flicking my feet back to make the hills easier. Then widening my arms and my stride during the downhills. You really run with your arms as much as your legs, the legs will do what the arms do as Ramon says.

Mile 4 I tried to speed up a bit, even though I was breathing harder than normal for me. I tried to relax my face, arms, shoulders and hands and put the energy in my legs. I was actually freezing at this point because I was so soggy, most people were just pouring sweat from the crazy humidity!

10:15ish At the end of the race, I felt pretty good. A girl came up to me and asked me how the race went. I said pretty good and asked her how hers went. She said she didn't feel very well and it was her first race. I made sure she got some water and told her that it was common to feel a little sick to the stomach in the beginning. She asked if I had run any races or marathons and I said that I was doing the NYRR races to qualify for the NYC Marathon in 2009 and I had run the Nike Women's last fall. She was signed up for this fall's Nike Marathon with TNT. I lost it! I was so excited for her, I probably scared her. I told her it would be the best experience of her life; the TNT coaches would be right there on the course; there were massages, pedicures, chocolate and Tiffany's, and it was basically the greatest race ever. I wished her luck and assured her she would be fine!

I ended up getting my best time of the season, and the worst Age/Graded Percentage of the year. Kind of funny!

I am slow, but clearly training more helped. Imagine if I had my ipod! lol

Here is a look at my NYRR Race History--I am not a speedster!:
Race Name, Date
AgeGraded %

Fitness Games Women 4M September 6, 2008
50.7 %
Run for Central Park July 19, 2008
49.1 %
WABC Fight/Prostate Cancer June 15, 2008
48.4 %
Japan Day June 1, 2008
50.0 %
Run As One, TGL Classic April 13, 2008
49.9 %
Scotland Run 10K March 30, 2008
49.9 %
NYRR Fred Lebow Classic January 12, 2008
50.2 %
Norwegian Festival Grete's Grea... October 6, 2007
45.1 %
NYRR Half-Marathon Grand Prix: ... September 23, 2007
13.1 miles
49.1 %

12:00ish When I got home I had my 3rd shower in 24 hours--so humid and made a big salad ( i never use ice berg, but somehow I got it and had to use it before moving onto my beloved spinach and purple cabbage) and two big oat bran, kamut flake, double vanilla kashi oatmeal pancakes with banana.

Check out this CRAZY variety of sprouts from the Sproutman!

I have about 50 different oatmeal pancake versions. This was the first time I used oatbran, it was a bit dry, so use oatmeal to increase moistness. Plus I got a call during the first one and forgot to add in the sliced banana!

Here is the recipe--I don't measure anything, so these are estimates:

1/3 cup oatbran, about 11/2 TBSP kamut flake and kashi creamy vanilla instant oatmeal, a dollop chobani vanilla (plus another big dollop to top), two egg whites, pinch baking soda and celtic sea salt, 1/2 banana, best to add before flipping or mashed in.

My classic recipe is

roughly 1/3 cup oats, generous sprinkle kamut flakes and coconut flakes, 1/4 cup egg whites, dollop plain yogurt (although flavors are yummy also), dollop whipped cottage cheese, pinch cinnamon, sea salt, baking soda.

Fruit of choice added to top while cooking first side and before flipping.

Favs include: banana, berries, sugar free apple pie filling or sugar free cherry pie filling-so creamy and delish for special indulgences, fresh chopped peaches, dried unsulphured cherries.

Depending on type of fruit I usually top with about two teaspoons ( i estimate)of high grade 100% maple syrup or raw almond butter.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Not too much to say this week. I'm a little tired from traveling home and starting classes last night.

But here's the weekly buzz!

Physique 57 Specials (aka a discount-yes, a bargain-no)

September 1 - September 15, purchase 57 Days of Fitness and receive 57 days of unlimited classes. The investment in your fit and shapely physique is only $750 (that's $23.50 per class if you visit 4 times a week!).

Pair Down Deal
When you and a friend who is new to Physique 57 both take 14 classes within 4 weeks, you receive a few special gifts. One $50 Gift Certificate to Le Pain Quotidien and 10% off your next Physique 57 class package.

Yoga Challenge

Om's Yoga Challenge is back! They challenge you to attend 30 classes in 30 days in October, joining is free, the $139 monthly unlimited class package suggested. Not a bad deal! If you join the class, you get 10% off other special workshops, including Yoga Cook Eat.

Nike Clearance Picks

Here are a few cute pieces of apparel on clearance at!

Nike Base Layer Short Sleeve T-Shirt now just 14.99

Nike Border Tennis Jacket $31 from $65

Nike Knit Acceleration Shorts $13 from $38

Great read of the week: The Perfect Fit from Trying to Heal

I totally related to this because pants NEVER fit me! I have loved wearing skirts and dresses all summer because they always fit and hide everything! But fall is here, and I now have to face putting pants on fresh out of the dryer, which often requires a lot of sucking in, wriggling and hopping! On the bright side, if the worst thing I have to face this fall is tight pants, life's not that bad!

Great info of the week: What is the Best Running Shoe? Very informative article by my fav sports store: Jack Rabbit Sports.
Don't forget to try the Shoe Dog Shoe Finder or the Runner's World Shoe Finder for some running shoe options tailored to you. But always go to the store to test them out before purchasing!

Personal Buzz

I am doing the Fitness Mind Body Spirit Games 4 Mile Race in Central Park tomorrow. And tut tut, it looks like rain, yuck!

I also need to find time for my long run this weekend. I just don't have the energy to do it after work. I don't think I want to run 12 miles in the rain tomorrow. So if it is going to happen, it is looking like early Sunday before a 12:30 brunch.

This is the test to determine if I want to sign up for the Philly full marathon in November. I have a lot on my plate with work (and looking for a new job that involves considerably less soul sucking), school (I have an econ class this semester which is no joke for liberal arts Meliss!) and wanting to have some type of social life! But we shall see, I do love the glory of training and that beautiful finish line.

TGIF Folks!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

vacay recap

Yay vacay! I love Martha's Vineyard with all my heart. I always feel like the luckiest person on earth when I am there. I know that is silly, but life is all about simple abundance, and I am so grateful for little things.

So the post is most just some photos, first fun and then a tiny bit on food and fitness!

Menemsha, I think rocks are gorgeous!

On the bike ride to Edgartown, you can kind of see the parasailer! (17 miles of biking that day.)

Morning in Oak Bluffs at the Inkwell More Menemsha
I didn't think I would ever post a photo like this, but I decided to join the bloggers in bikinis bandwagon.
On the ferry!

With the girls! My summer on the vineyard a few years back was literally the craziest time of my life. Even despite working 7 days a week and at least 3 nights a week, I really lived it up. I could never every handle that level of partying, competitive drinking and general debauchery again. But I am so glad I have the memories and stories, especially as I feel that I missed out on a lot of that going to school in the city.
Gingerbread Houses in Cottage City. Just my size.
Being a preppy poser on OB Harbor.

Beadniks beading house of worship.
Made myself a couple bracelets and a necklace. This place is AMAZING!

And Food and Fitness
Reading some blogs, pre-run!
Post run snack. The peanut butter clif bar is way better than the book!!!! Full reviews to come!
Post run stretch!
Okay, so I definitely have a lot of favorite cape and vineyard places to eat and foods I love. It was hard to pack a summer's worth into 6 days, but I did my best!

This is my annual (well it's been a few years now) calzone from Craigsville Pizza and Mexican. Spinach, eggplant, onion, garlic and broccoli.
Yup, every bit as excited to eat it as I look.
Mad Martha's ice cream. One of many ice cream place traditions. This one is sinful chocolate and oreo fro yo. I also managed to consume coffee caramel chip ice cream, twist soft serve, black raspberry chip ice cream, and lots of dough ice cream in that short time span!
Seafood chowder on menemsha harbor. Not as good as the Quarter Deck...I guess there isn't pure cream and butter!
Obviously, I ate (and drank) a lot lot more on the trip. But I didn't think to take photos. Some highlights included the unbelievable Tree Hugger Sandwich from Humphrey's...on their amazing 2 inch thick slices of doughy yet crusty bread. Coffee from Mocha Mott's. And a very late night Back door donut, so soft, fresh, melt in your mouth and warm from the oven. I normally really dislike donuts, but stumbling up to the back door of a bakery in an alley way when everything else on the island is closed is fun to miss.
It was pretty much all indulgence all the time, but worth it for sure. And shockingly the scale didn't reflect all the ice cream and other goodies, leaving me officially perplexed!
So sad to say goodbye!