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Friday, September 5, 2008

Not too much to say this week. I'm a little tired from traveling home and starting classes last night.

But here's the weekly buzz!

Physique 57 Specials (aka a discount-yes, a bargain-no)

September 1 - September 15, purchase 57 Days of Fitness and receive 57 days of unlimited classes. The investment in your fit and shapely physique is only $750 (that's $23.50 per class if you visit 4 times a week!).

Pair Down Deal
When you and a friend who is new to Physique 57 both take 14 classes within 4 weeks, you receive a few special gifts. One $50 Gift Certificate to Le Pain Quotidien and 10% off your next Physique 57 class package.

Yoga Challenge

Om's Yoga Challenge is back! They challenge you to attend 30 classes in 30 days in October, joining is free, the $139 monthly unlimited class package suggested. Not a bad deal! If you join the class, you get 10% off other special workshops, including Yoga Cook Eat.

Nike Clearance Picks

Here are a few cute pieces of apparel on clearance at!

Nike Base Layer Short Sleeve T-Shirt now just 14.99

Nike Border Tennis Jacket $31 from $65

Nike Knit Acceleration Shorts $13 from $38

Great read of the week: The Perfect Fit from Trying to Heal

I totally related to this because pants NEVER fit me! I have loved wearing skirts and dresses all summer because they always fit and hide everything! But fall is here, and I now have to face putting pants on fresh out of the dryer, which often requires a lot of sucking in, wriggling and hopping! On the bright side, if the worst thing I have to face this fall is tight pants, life's not that bad!

Great info of the week: What is the Best Running Shoe? Very informative article by my fav sports store: Jack Rabbit Sports.
Don't forget to try the Shoe Dog Shoe Finder or the Runner's World Shoe Finder for some running shoe options tailored to you. But always go to the store to test them out before purchasing!

Personal Buzz

I am doing the Fitness Mind Body Spirit Games 4 Mile Race in Central Park tomorrow. And tut tut, it looks like rain, yuck!

I also need to find time for my long run this weekend. I just don't have the energy to do it after work. I don't think I want to run 12 miles in the rain tomorrow. So if it is going to happen, it is looking like early Sunday before a 12:30 brunch.

This is the test to determine if I want to sign up for the Philly full marathon in November. I have a lot on my plate with work (and looking for a new job that involves considerably less soul sucking), school (I have an econ class this semester which is no joke for liberal arts Meliss!) and wanting to have some type of social life! But we shall see, I do love the glory of training and that beautiful finish line.

TGIF Folks!

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