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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Joy of Running (and Walking)

*Sorry for no "workout to try" yesterday. Work has been insane lately! But here is a new suggestion, get a massage! Nothing will aid recovery and get you ready to go again as if magic, like a good massage. It is a luxurious treat for sure, but so worth it! Especially during this marathon season, you deserve it! All those aches and pains will melt away and your body will release toxins, leaving you feeling relaxed, balanced and calm, yet invigorated and ready for anything.

Long before I ever thought I would run a mile just for fun, I loved walking. I walked and walked for years before I finally committed myself to learning to run--as I have mentioned running does not come naturally to be--AT ALL. Obviously, I managed to somehow overcome my mental and physical (running induced asthma) barriers with running, and I now enjoy it--usually.

However, running and walking serve very different purposes for me. That is why I like the book Marathoning for Mortals: A Regular Person's Guide to the Joy of Running or Walking a Half-Marathon or Marathon. Super long title, but it makes marathoning (or half-marathoning) so accessible.

For me, running is a great social exercise. There is nothing like spilling a week's worth of built up gossip over a long run. When I am alone, I like to day dream, create to do lists, think about post ideas--sadly many of which never make it to the blog, go over conversations in my head, revel in the joy of my music. And of course, the best think about running: how good it feels to stop. I do love that high!

But walking is my true joy, particularly in this short period of perfect walking weather, where the oppressive humidity of summer in the city as slipped away into cool, refreshing weather that is just a few degrees above jacket weather. For me, nothing clears the mind like a good long walk. That is why I make an extra effort to walk to work from Grand Central as often as possible. I often turn off my ipod so I can truly experience what is going on around me. I actually take notice of the little girls with American Girl dolls tucked under their arms (few scenes can warm my heart like the sight of that), the person walking 7 dogs, the delicious smell of the bakeries in the morning, the beautiful produce in the fruit carts, and the gorgeous flower stalls that bedeck even the most hole-in-the-wall delis.

Moreover, walking gives me the chance to deal with the personal issues going on in my life. I can't seem to do that while running. Walking seems to be a much better time to sort out emotions, think about goals and aspirations, and detox from the stresses of the day.

Great quote of the post, from Audrey Hepburn, who I used to be freakishly obsessed with to the point of intervention. I would say, I am now at the obsessive, yet functioning fan level.


Sad news! The NYU Biathlon was canceled, so I didn't get to test my skills. However, it may have been a good thing because it happened to fall on the last day of my 3-day juice cleanse, probably not the best time to be sprinting. I really think all things work out for a reason.

Oh yes, the new website, slowly but surely coming along. By next Wednesday for sure. Lots of product reviews, training plans and FAQs await.
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