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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Just Call Me Joiner

Wow, this week I flung myself full force into all NYU Athletics has to offer..and as we are a D3 school (except for fencing) with no football team, take that how you will.

Great quote from Michael Ian Black at the Presidential Welcome this year, "I see the mascot is now a bobcat. That's good because when I was a student, our mascot was a violet. That sucked. I mean a bobcat can rip your throat out, what's a violet going to do? Aggravate your allergies?"

Nevertheless, I really missed exercising with others so I sent an email to the coaches of the hiking and running intramural clubs, asking to join.

If you want some ideas of new programs or classes to join, check out this timeout article. It has ideas for everything from running to kranking. I thought the photo from Grease exemplified "joining."

I also signed up for a biathlon challenge on September 23rd. It is a 1 mile run on the roof top track and swim 6 laps of the pool (150 meters). I am a little nervous, but I thought a bi would be a good test drive while I consider doing a tri. Plus, unlike most, I am most comfortable with the swimming, so I am happy to avoid the biking.

And I signed up for spinning!!!! Yay! Only one class a week fit my schedule, but something is better than nothing.

I also signed up for two NYRR races. The Continental Airlines Fifth Avenue Mile (yes one mile) and Grete’s Great Gallop Half Marathon.

Did you know running races is like riding rides in Disney World? It is. There is always a picture to buy at the end. I just got an email announcing the photos from the Fitness run were available. This is too funny because the photos are incredibly expensive, horrendously unflattering, and sometimes not even you. You can check these babies out if you like. Needless to say, I will not be making a purchase. Guess which one isn't me!

PS If you haven't taken a moment to remember those lost, feel free to do it now if you like.
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