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Friday, September 12, 2008

Deals, news, links, food, etc.

We made it to another Friday!

Here are a couple good deals:

*Try out running shoes for 15 days, risk free!
If you buy shoes from the Finish Line between Sept 6th and Nov. 16th you can try them for 15 days, and if you are not satisfied you can return them for a full refund. See styles that it applies to here. Plus they are having a huge fall clearance right now.

An Afternoon Indulgence at Physique 57
Saturday, September 27th1:00-4:00
Spring Street StudioInvestment: $110

-signature Physique 57® class,
-Physique Yoga
-personalized skin analysis and invitation for a complimentary full hour facial at Bergdorf Goodman OR perfectly frame your face with the Brow Divas from world famous Damone Roberts Brow Salon.
-15% off workout attire at the Physique Boutique
-one-on-one time with Tanya and Lois to answer your individual fitness questions.

Food news:

The Blueprint Cleanse is all the rage right now. Not only is it the preferred detox for fashion week pre and post party detoxers, but Martha Stewart's whole team is doing it. My friend just finished a 3-day foundation level detox, and said it was amazing. I did a lot of researching--LOVE cleanse, the box, etc.--and then I came across the poor man's blue print cleanse, which I am very tempted to try. As sad as it is, even the $65 dollar a day Blueprint Cleanse cost isn't too crazy, considering I often spend that on one meal out. It's hard to be a foodie..but at least I don't pay for gas! And let me tell you, I am excited for One to night with Kate and brunch at Essex tomorrow and dinner at the very best, Pure, tomorrow night! Man I need a cleanse, right? I am trying to first detox from Diet Coke in preparation, but not eating for three days? I am not sure I can do it. haha I'll let you know!

Articles of interest:

Okay, back to my GG obsession. Guess who got fashion icon of the month?

And speaking of food here is an interesting article for all you food bloggers that I saw on Vital Juice Daily. Flashing photos of your pics helps you lose weight. No wonder all you fab food bloggers are doing so well! I can't even write down what I eat for a day--or until noon for that matter, so I just could never handle it, but kudos to those who can and do. You make my day more interesting. Just for fun, I'll share yesterday's dinner with you all. It was a special occasion, as you'll see!

Thanks to Kath and Matt for the delicious bagel. It more than lived up to my ridiculously high New Yorker bagel standards--I will only eat (mini) bagels from H&H, Brooklyn Bagel Company and occasionally, Ess-a-Bagel. But even though it was in the freezer for three weeks, once it was defrosted and toasted, it was dense, chewy and delicious, with a subtle hint of sweetness that is so divine in wheat bread products. Way to boil, then bake Matt!

Clearly, I ate it Kath style, candles, place mats and all! Luckily, I was the only one home, I think my roommates would have made fun of me for busting out the candle lighter for a bagel! I have to say eating without another person, computer or magazine in front of me was a pretty bizarre feeling, almost unsettling. I better do it more often.
Sorry for the sprouts messing up the plate, yuck! Obv. Whole wheat bagel with whipped cottage cheese and cinnamon. Half a sliced plum. Salad with baby spinach, purple cabbage, sprouts, carrots, baby grape tomatoes, and cucumber topped with some balsamic vinaigrette.
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