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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Training Update: The Test

So I have two one mile races to run, a biathlon and the 5th Ave Mile for Road Runners. So I decided to, once again, take the TNT test. As I mentioned yesterday, I did this test for the first time in July 2007, it is interesting that it was way harder for me then.

Goal and Description per my former coach:

Run from the S to the 1 Mile mark at a 'good speed'
You will do this 3 times. (that means you will run 3 x 1 mile fast , yahhoooooo !!)

How to run this Test?

This workout it's all about How fast you can run 1 Mile, simple as that !!

Of course, most of you never tried to run a fast mile, so You need to understand that when I say "1 mile as fast as you can", doesn't mean SPRINT for 1 mile, there's no way you can sprint for 1 mile.

You will need to figure out how far a mile is, and find out what's the effort you can maintain for that distance. And that brings us again to our 'breathing' use your breathing as your guide.

You know how you felt during the Effort level workout last week? Well…. you should feel/breath about the same or even a bit higher today.

E1(effort 1, also known as recovery) and E4 (effort 4, anaerobic threshold)

-E1is a really slow jog, the main goal of the E1 is to bring the heart rate down a quick as possible, so you need really bring down the effort
-E2 will be a little higher Effort than that, it's more or less what we call our 'Easy' pace, the pace that we usually run when we go for our 3-4 mile run.
-E3, will be a little higher than that, feels like you are kind of in the 'edge' of your 'comfortable' pace.
-E4 is definitely a challenging effort, you should not be able to talk much at all, maybe a couple of words here and there.

You have 3 attempts to get a good mile. Use you first mile to figure out things a bit. If during the 1 st you died/slowed down/crawled , you know you need to start the second one a little slower, on the other hand, if you are not breathing heavy by the time you cross the finish don't be shy ! push a bit on your next one.

You'll find out more or less how fast you can run 1 mile…my addition: this can be important as if you ever have to run for your life, you will know how fast you can anticipate moving.

Here were my results:

I did this on the treadmill, so it is not as pure as if done outside, but hey.

Mile 1: 8:05
3 minute walk at 3.8mph

Mile 2: 7:40
3 minute walk

Mile 3: 7:59

Not bad, considering how much I hate to get out of my comfort zone.

I did that on my lunch hour.

After work, I hit the gym for a regular workout ( I went to the other school gym, 'cause I really know how to live it up):

25 on ellip.

10 on rower

Arm flow weight series (based on Physique 57 arm series), 20 of each of the following with out rest: alternating bicep curls, double bicep curls, alternating curls palms facing in, double BCPFI, bent over tricep extensions, 20 pulses with arms straight out behind you. Return to upright standing position, bring arms straight in front of you bent at 90, open to look like a football goal post, in and out for 20, pulse up for 20, upright row with weights, transition to overhead press with weights, transition to overhead tricep extensions, put weights down and transition to flow push ups.

Then I did the Stay Slim on the Road Workout with a couple extra ab moves.

After that I promised myself a manicure for a job well done, showered, dashed to Sephora to do my make up and then meet up with friends for a party.

Tonight I have a running date! (Just a girlfriend who will literally chat me through 4-6 miles, my favorite way to run!)
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