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Monday, September 22, 2008

Playlist of the Week:DMB!

Okay, I am a huge Dave Matthews Band fan! I grew up in Saratoga and summer Dave concerts at SPAC were kind of non-negotiable--as was being a fan.

I really like Dave as a pop alternative, especially for the ellip. or biking.

Pretty much the entire Everyday album rocks for working out, but here is a list with a bit more variety. Generally in warm up to fast to cool down order.

-So Much Too Say
-The Best of What's Around
-What Would You Say
-Dreams of Our Fathers
-Hunger for the Great Light
-I Did It
-So Right
-If I Had it All
-Where are You Going
-Say Goodbye (my fav DMB song, and interestingly about the very same topic as my favorite Christina Aguilera song, Get Mine, Get Yours...weird)
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