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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Anything that can go wrong....and a little bit of luck

Okay, today's race was a challenge almost from the start.
I hadn't planned on going out last night, but my roommate and I each got invited to parties in the building, and went to both. Lappin up the vino, not a great pre-race plan--thank god the Fitness Women's Race start time was 9:30...late for races! I had to be there before number pick up and registration closed at 9:15

8:06 So this morning I woke up feeling okay, but a little less than 100% on the clarity side of things. I brushed my teeth, removed last night's mascara (finally tried my givenchy phenomen' eyes--good, but not worth the hype), threw a few things in a bag, and was running a little late. I made down a few floors in the elevator when I decided to go back and grab some cash, just in case.

Good news, there was no hurricane and it was not pouring, or even raining! But there was at least 90% humidity! Thank god for my ultra thin Hind running shirt, this thing is so light I almost feel naked in it!

When I went back up I got my key stuck in the door. I was definitely not happy because I hate hate hate to be late. I am extremely laid back, but something about being late freaks me out! So I went to the front desk and the maintenance guy was right there! So I asked him to go retrieve my key and leave it for me at the desk. The guy being right there was super lucky!

8:32AM I ran out of the building got a much needed SF Red Bull and the Duane Reade downstairs, and alternated that and water on my run to the subway.

8:36AM The train was pulling in when I arrived.

8:41AM I arrive at Grand Central and transfer to the 6 uptown-holla JLO

8:45AM I get off the subway and my ipod speakers stop working! WTF PS My ipod made a miraculous recovery after the white screen incident! So now I am ipodless for my race! I really was hoping to get a good time as I had been training a lot and had a good shot at improving!

8:46-9:05AM-I search desperately for a Duane Reade to buy new headphones, but on Lex, Madison and Park on the upper east side, Duane Reade does not mix with Dolce and Gabbana. So I make a last ditch effort to head east--out of my way--to see if the less classy 3rd ave has a DR.

9:06 No luck. There is nothing open that would sell headphones, so I hurry west to the park and check in around 9:10, enough time to pick up my goody bag and a t-shirt and an extra bag for my roomie, they said it was fine! (see below)

Magazine, Quaker Chocolate Peanut Butter Granola Bar, Mini Luna PB Cookie Bar (ate it on the way home), Body Wash Gel, Quattro Razor, Girl Scout Alumnae Registration Card

Function Light Weight Acai Pomegrante drink with ECGG. Tasted just like Diet Snapple Raspberry Iced Tea. Fine tasting, but nothing special.

9:15-I put on bib and secure chip to shoe. and head to corrals

9:30-Race starts. Despite the fact that I had no tunes for the first time in forever, I actually liked being aware of what was going on around me. I could focus on finishing. I could listen to others conversations. (People listening on the run.) There were a lot of first timers in the race!

Mile 1 I took easy

Mile 2 I was feeling good so I speed up

Mile 3 I concentrated on short strides and low arms during the uphills. Lifting my knees and flicking my feet back to make the hills easier. Then widening my arms and my stride during the downhills. You really run with your arms as much as your legs, the legs will do what the arms do as Ramon says.

Mile 4 I tried to speed up a bit, even though I was breathing harder than normal for me. I tried to relax my face, arms, shoulders and hands and put the energy in my legs. I was actually freezing at this point because I was so soggy, most people were just pouring sweat from the crazy humidity!

10:15ish At the end of the race, I felt pretty good. A girl came up to me and asked me how the race went. I said pretty good and asked her how hers went. She said she didn't feel very well and it was her first race. I made sure she got some water and told her that it was common to feel a little sick to the stomach in the beginning. She asked if I had run any races or marathons and I said that I was doing the NYRR races to qualify for the NYC Marathon in 2009 and I had run the Nike Women's last fall. She was signed up for this fall's Nike Marathon with TNT. I lost it! I was so excited for her, I probably scared her. I told her it would be the best experience of her life; the TNT coaches would be right there on the course; there were massages, pedicures, chocolate and Tiffany's, and it was basically the greatest race ever. I wished her luck and assured her she would be fine!

I ended up getting my best time of the season, and the worst Age/Graded Percentage of the year. Kind of funny!

I am slow, but clearly training more helped. Imagine if I had my ipod! lol

Here is a look at my NYRR Race History--I am not a speedster!:
Race Name, Date
AgeGraded %

Fitness Games Women 4M September 6, 2008
50.7 %
Run for Central Park July 19, 2008
49.1 %
WABC Fight/Prostate Cancer June 15, 2008
48.4 %
Japan Day June 1, 2008
50.0 %
Run As One, TGL Classic April 13, 2008
49.9 %
Scotland Run 10K March 30, 2008
49.9 %
NYRR Fred Lebow Classic January 12, 2008
50.2 %
Norwegian Festival Grete's Grea... October 6, 2007
45.1 %
NYRR Half-Marathon Grand Prix: ... September 23, 2007
13.1 miles
49.1 %

12:00ish When I got home I had my 3rd shower in 24 hours--so humid and made a big salad ( i never use ice berg, but somehow I got it and had to use it before moving onto my beloved spinach and purple cabbage) and two big oat bran, kamut flake, double vanilla kashi oatmeal pancakes with banana.

Check out this CRAZY variety of sprouts from the Sproutman!

I have about 50 different oatmeal pancake versions. This was the first time I used oatbran, it was a bit dry, so use oatmeal to increase moistness. Plus I got a call during the first one and forgot to add in the sliced banana!

Here is the recipe--I don't measure anything, so these are estimates:

1/3 cup oatbran, about 11/2 TBSP kamut flake and kashi creamy vanilla instant oatmeal, a dollop chobani vanilla (plus another big dollop to top), two egg whites, pinch baking soda and celtic sea salt, 1/2 banana, best to add before flipping or mashed in.

My classic recipe is

roughly 1/3 cup oats, generous sprinkle kamut flakes and coconut flakes, 1/4 cup egg whites, dollop plain yogurt (although flavors are yummy also), dollop whipped cottage cheese, pinch cinnamon, sea salt, baking soda.

Fruit of choice added to top while cooking first side and before flipping.

Favs include: banana, berries, sugar free apple pie filling or sugar free cherry pie filling-so creamy and delish for special indulgences, fresh chopped peaches, dried unsulphured cherries.

Depending on type of fruit I usually top with about two teaspoons ( i estimate)of high grade 100% maple syrup or raw almond butter.

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