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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Body transformation is possible at Physique 57!

Okay, so I feel like an infomercial, but I can't believe how amazing this studio Physique 57. The physique 57 workout kicks my fairly in shape ass every single time. I spend every minute working at the total limits of my ability. Fortunately, my efforts over the last month totally paid off. I lost 2 inches on my waist and an inch on each leg, plus I have visible arm and ab muscle tone for the first time in years.

It is very hard to explain the workout, just know it kicks your butt every single time...but more importantly it works.

It has taught me that your really need to push yourself to change your body, without challenge there is no change.

So check it out: Physique 57

I first read about it in Fitness Magazine. Kelly Ripa couldn't say enough about it, and I have to admit, she was right!