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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Playlist of the Week: Girl Power

Sometimes you need a little girl power boost, these are some classics that really get me going! Clearly I have trouble picking one song per the choice is yours.

Enjoy! I'll be back on Thursday. HLD :)

All for You-Janet Jackson

Everybody-Britney Spears (this one always gets me moving, but all Britney is top notch workout music, Over Protected, My Prerogative, Toy Solider, take your pick.)

Lose Control-Missy Elliott

Dirty-Christina Aguilera

Suddenly I See-KT Tundstall

Shut Up and Drive-Rhianna


Buttons-Pussy Cat Dolls (or When I Grow Up or Wait a Minute or Don't Cha :))

Soak Up the Sun-Sheryl Crow


7 Things-Miley Cyrus

1,2 Step-Ciara

Get Me Bodied/Crazy in Love/Bills-Beyonce

Bounce with Me-Kreesha Turner

Hips Don't Lie-Shakira

Walk Away-Kelly Clarkson
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