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Monday, September 22, 2008

Weekly Workout Wrap Up

Lo siento! Estoy aqui! Estoy muy occupada!

Monday: rest day, walked to and from work-4 miles.

Tuesday: test run (3 miles for speed, as discussed in post last week), 25 min. ellip, 10 min rower, arm flow series+flow push up, slim down on the road workout

Wednesday: stay slim on the road workout--this always makes my abs sore!, 4 mile run, 2 mile walk to work

Thursday-no workout :(

Friday: walk to work, 30 minute treadmill run+arm flow workout

Saturday-5 mile run

Sunday-5th Ave Mile race (1 mile lol, it's a NYC marathon qualifier, so I couldn't pass it up);
spinning class

Playlist to come.

Tened una semana buena!
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