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Monday, September 29, 2008

Playlist of the Week: Guilty Pleasures

This list is a combination of songs from my favorite guilty pleasure shows: The OC, Gossip Girls, and the Hills. It could also be called the SoCali playlist or the Josh Schwartz playlist I guess.

While I was never really that into the OC. I loved that Schwartz was so into the music. I loved the many soundtracks and listening to the producer commentary on the music. Plus, it introduced me to so many bands and songs that I would have never heard of, the Dandy Warhols, Jem, Spoon, Rooney. They are just not played on the top 40 stations.

The same team that did the music for the OC, does Gossip Girl and Grey's. I also added some songs from the Hills because MTV also tries to promote new bands on its shows.

It took me a while to edit this list, so there are a lot of great songs that may not be included for one of the following reasons:

-Many of my favorite OC and Grey's songs (Dice, To be Alone with You) are really paced for cardio, so I omitted those and picked the best workout songs.

- I did hit a roadblock because it a lot of the songs aren't available on itunes, so I also omitted those. But if you are interested in these newer bands, all the songs played on Gossip Girl and the Hills are available online with a touch of googling. You can also hear more about the method of selecting GG music here. Bands that were played on all the shows included: The Kills, The Virgins and the Pierces...Vampire Weekend is pretty hot now too.

-I already had it listed on my Music to Keep You Moving list or another Playlist of the Week. A lot of the really mainstream popular ones I figured you had already heard.

Okay here it is, please enjoy!

Shut up and let me go-ting tings
Just Dance-Lady Gaga
I Fell in Love with the DJ-Che Nelle
Crazy Bitch-Buckcherry
Untouched-The Veronicas
Hook and Line-The Kills
Nice Sweet Sexy by DIFX ft.Imperio & Cru
Here It Goes Again-OK GO
Candy Store-Miss Eighty 6
Rich Girls-The Virgins
Knock Knock-Lyrics Born
Fernando Panda-The Virgins
Bittersweet World-Ashlee Simpson
Diamond Boy Hipster-Washington Social Club
Beautiful Love-The Afters
I Just Wanna Live-Good Charlotte
Damaged-Danity Kane
We Used to Be Friends-Dandy Warhols
Whoa Oh-The Sickest Kids
As-Har Mar Superstar
Let It Go-Kari Kimmel
Passion-Kreesha Turner
Rock Star-Prima J
Jezebel-two hours traffic
Sexy Mistake-The Chalets
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