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Monday, September 15, 2008

POTW: The One that Will "Change Your Cardio Life"

Playlist of the week

Okay, so I got three recommendations for music...and they were all the same suggestion! In addition to these three amazing ladies (who are not bloggers--yet) Kate (who we all know (on some level) and love) also highly endorsed:

Girl Talk: Feed the Animals.

I was assured that this will "change my cardio life"...and boy were they right. I can not believe I have never heard of Girl Talk before!

Literally, the music is amazing. Gena was sweet enough to burn me Night Ripper and I downloaded Feed the Animals (the newest album). It is a DJ who will mix like 25 songs on one track, you might hear Biggie, Kanye, Little Mama, Elton John, Dexy's Midnight Runners, Prince, Salt and Pepper, the Village People, Smashing Pumpkins and Faith Evans all in one song. Great hip hop and rock beats are overlaid and underlaid to create amazing, and very familiar songs. I am not a huge remix fan, so don't freak out if you like purity!

I literally can not get enough, I have been walking down the street with my ipod, grinning like a cat who swallowed a canary. I attacked both my roommates, and since we share itunes, pretty much demanded they listen immediately.

So you can't buy the albums itunes. But you can pay what you wish on illegal art for Feed the Animals and listen to and buy Night Ripper on Rhapsody. I just love when you hear one of those great cheesy rap lines like: watch out for my medallions my diamonds are restless, it feels like a midget is hangin' from my necklace.

Okay, because that was not a playlist, more of the most enthusiastic recommendation of all time.

Here is the actual playlist of the week.

So I mentioned that my friend gave me her ipod. Well 800 or so of the 1024 songs were country--and had to be removed immediately. No offense to country, but I can't work out to it. So while she hates hip hop, she is an amazing hip hop dancer and Crunch asks her to be in their DVDs all the time, so she occasionally downloads hip hop and pop to practice to.

After serious scouring, I was able to find a few songs to make a pretty stellar playlist. I added the new Pink and Jessica Simpson songs just because I like them now. I forgot I can't access itunes at work, so I will add the link to the mix later..and make sure the playlist is correct! But if you want you can find it by searching itunes in the isport mixes for Fitness NYC.

37 minutes total

Warm up: Don't Stop Believin-Journey

Fighter-Christina Aguilera

So What-Pink

Tell Me-Diddy

Dip it Low-Christina Milian

Pass that Dutch-Missy Elliot

Break It Off-Sean Paul and Rihanna

It's Like That-Mariah Carey

Fighter-Christina Aguilera

Cool Down: Come on Over-Jessica Simpson

Sorry for the random photo, I needed something, and Sam's a DJ.
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