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Friday, August 22, 2008


Like everyone else it seems, I have been trying to think of ways to improve my blog. I thought a more defined posting topic schedule was one thing to incorporate. But I am very open to any and all suggestions!
Here is a little outline I was thinking of:

Sunday: Weekly Workout Wrap up
Monday: Playlist of the Week
Tuesday: Workout Review/Workout to Try
Wednesday: Midweek Half Marathon Review/recap
Thursday: City-exercise-new places, free deals, fitness/nutrition resources
Friday: Buzzworthy: fun products, fashionable fitness wear, exciting articles
Saturday:Long run/training recap

The September issue of Self Magazine is getting a lot of buzz on the blogosphere.

Rightfully so, it was a great issue. I really liked two articles: Better Body Breakthrough and Create Your Happy Body Life List.

I really liked the better body breakthrough because it tackled issues that are frustrating to women who work out a lot, but don't see the results they want. Below are the strategies I found most relevant for my body, and on Sunday in my recap, I'll detail how I tried to incorporate them into my workouts this week. If one thing has been coming in loud and clear, intervals, intervals, intervals, are the way to go!

Rut #2: "I do lots of cardio and get sweaty but not skinny!"
Mix it up If you only run or bike each session, you have likely become so good at the motions that you're using fewer calories. Switch it up twice a week ­(swap Spinning for squash) for a fat-melting jolt to your system, says Kara Mohr, Ph.D., an exercise physiologist in Louisville, Kentucky.

Learn to burn Do seven sessions of intervals—fast bursts—in a two-week period (complete at least three in one week) and you'll shed 36 percent more fat during an hour of steady cardio time, research from the University of Guelph in Ontario shows. (Sessions included 10 four-minute sprints with two minutes of rest in between.) But don't stop after two weeks. Add one to three days of intervals to your weekly cardio (or four to six speedy sets per workout) and you may keep increasing your fat burn indefinitely, says Jason Talanian, Ph.D., a coauthor of the study.

Muscle your way fit Most people stress less about their weight if their body looks toned, Mohr says. Strength training does that; it shapes and redefines. (Add the "Tone Without Cardio" program to your usual routine.) Torch more calories by doing the contraction part of moves—like the lift—fast, with as much effort as possible, then lower on two counts.

Rut #3: "All these squats and lunges I'm doing aren't toning my lower half."
Trick your muscles Do a plyometric exercise, an explosive leaping move such as a jump squat, followed immediately by a free-weight exercise, à la a leg press on the same side. Plyometrics burns serious calories, plus fatigues muscles, which is essential for toning, without extra reps or weight. By maxing your effort like this, you use more energy in less time, shaving minutes off your workout and sculpting lean curves, Mazzetti says.

Focus on the bottom line Add hip extensions and step-ups to your regular routine. The moves tap hamstrings 55 percent more and glutes 79 percent and 59 percent more, respectively, than squats, a study by the American Council on Exercise in San Diego shows. For hip extensions: Get on hands and knees, press one bent leg toward ceiling, keeping knee bent. Do 12 reps. Switch sides. For step-up: Holding a 5- to 8-pound dumbbell in each hand, step left leg onto a bench (as shown, left). Step down on right leg. Do 12 reps. Switch legs; repeat.

Work the angles "Your glutes create an external rotation when contracted [like the side-pushing motion in skating], so doing moves in that same range of motion makes the exercises more effective," says Kurt Murray, a certifying trainer in Philadelphia for the American College of Sports Medicine. One example: Stand holding a chair in front of you. Extend your right leg straight behind you, foot flexed. Point your toe, then sweep leg counterclockwise until toe reaches a 4 o'clock position. Do 12 reps, switch sides. Or take it outside and mimic this movement as you ice skate or Rollerblade—but be sure to contract glutes at the end of each skate stroke to work the muscles to full potential, Murray says.

I also loved the happiness list article, I am going to work on mine and post it eventually. Feel free to share yours!

Yummy products:

Also on everyone's radar: Peanut Butter Cookie Larabars, so good! Way better than Peanut Butter GNU bars, which I found very disappointing.

I am also loving True Lemon. This is like natural Crystal Light, perfect for jazzing up your H20.

Fashionable Fitness Gear:
I also love the Stella McCartney for Adidas Line. So cute!

The final Summer Streets takes place tomorrow try not to miss it!

Summer Streets will take place for three consecutive Saturdays in August (August 9, 16, & 23) from 7:00 am - 1:00 pm. .Summer Streets provides more space for healthy recreation and is a part of NYC's greening initiative by encouraging New Yorkers to use more sustainable forms of transportation.Modeled on other events from around the world including Bogot√°, Colombia's Ciclovia, Paris, France's Paris Plage, and even New York's own Museum Mile, this event will be part bike tour, part block party, a great time for exercise, people watching, and just enjoying summer mornings.

Interesting info:
My friend sent me this link to: Nutrition Energy, Fueling Sports Performance and the Marathon of Life They have a bunch of published articles on their website about sports nutrition that might be worth pursuing.

Any blog ideas appreciated. Have a fabulous weekend!


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now to find me a sugar mama so I can afford it :)


Roni said...

WOW you have so much info in one post! I like your blog strategy but my advice on your better blog question.. chunk your post into smaller topics that are quicker and easer to read.

You have so much good info to share but no one says you have to jam it all in one big post, smaller more concentrated posts on one topic will organize your archives a bit.

I'm one to talk by the way, I do brain dump posts ALL the time!

Just my opinion but I LOVE your blog!

Melissa said...

VG: Even better than the apple pie? oh, my...they are great!

Mizfit: seriously, I know. I will keep an eye out for clearance!

Roni: Thank you so so much. I LOVE YOUR BLOG. I know so many girls on WW, so I send a mass email with both your sites to them. PS I love your rambling videos.

ys said...

I discovered your blog recently and it quickly became a favorite - so fun and informative! I like the idea of a topic schedule and your outline looks great. Can I make a request? I would LOVE to see regular posts on your Physique 57 classes. This is my favorite form of training and I don't have access to live classes where I live so your reports on the exercises performed, sequences, etc. give me ideas for my workouts. Thanks!

Melissa said...

Hi YS,

I am thrilled you like the blog. I will do my best to post about Physique 57 whenever I go. And share some of the moves from the class. It is really expensive, so I don't go as much as I would like.

I know that Cardio Barre is a really similiar class, and you can buy the dvd, so you may want to look into that too.