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Friday, August 8, 2008

Dusk and Dawn Workouts

Okay before I start, I wanted to share this article with you when I first read it in Runner's World a couple months ago, but I searched and searched and couldn't find it on the web. Then today, I came across it on MSN. It's about two moms who run the Nike Women's Marathon. It really brings me back to my experience.
Fav line: I officially broke at mile 21. My tears flowed and I choked out, "I just don't know about this." Even though I was doing so much better than I had ever thought possible, I didn't care. I didn't want to finish. I didn't want the necklace. I just wanted to be done. Now.
Back to business...
I kind of did a back to back workouts last night and this morning. I just couldn't get in the mood yesterday morning, so I waited until around 8pm and I have plans tonight, so it had to get in this morning.
This is the view from the gym in my building-from google images.
I did 30 minutes on the elliptical with glute kicker mode on. America's Best Dance Crew was on, so I watched with subtitles while listening to my ipod.
Then I did 10 minutes on the rower. I really love the rower, I get in the zone so easily.
The I did 3 sets of a strength set that I made up. I really wanted to make it results oriented, so I took my old trainer's advice and did lower body and upper body moves together with little rest. This gets the heart rate up and apparently blasts fat (we'll see). Gillian Michaels advises this also, she calls it working large muscle groups with smaller muscle groups.

Here is the routine. 3 sets total.
I use 5 lbs weights because I don't need bulk. (Maybe next time I will do at least one set with 10s)
-12 forward lunges with overhead press (reps are total not each leg)
-12 hammer curls palms facing toward each other with shoulder raises
-12 plie squats while raising arms together toward chin--like a bowtie
-12 squats with bicep curls
-12 stationary lunges on right with over head presses
-12 stationary lunges on left with tricep kickbacks
-12 calf raises with overhead tricep extensions
-1 set 100 crunches on ball

The view from my window in the morning-not taken by me

Today (circa 6:20am)

10 minute warm up on the elliptical...waiting for a treadmill to open up

Kara Goucher's endurance boost workout for Nike+. I really just wanted to clock the time, not necessarily go for speed. So I went really, really slow. I am not used to running in the morning any more! So I did the warm up at 5.6mph, the "4 minute sprints" at 6.0mph and the 4 minute recovery at 5.8mph for the first two sets, then bumped up to 6.5 and 6.0 for the last two and 5.6 for the cool down. Total time is 40 minutes

After that I took a water break and then "hit it again" for 15 minutes of sprint/walk intervals. I ran at 8mph for 1 minute and walked at 4mph for 1 minute. I did this to my two versions (huge dork alert) of Get Me Bodied by Beyonce and When I Grow Up by the PCDs.

I made myself stretch for 5 minutes before heading up for a shower. Totally invigorated and super sweaty...a great way to start the day!

Have a great Friday. I have a fun article/post planned for the weekend. hehe


VeggieGirl said...

Great article link/workouts!!

Happy Friday!! :0)

chandra said...

I may or may not totally steal that endurance run idea! Don't worry, I will give you total credit when I do it! :) Have a great weekend!