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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The other Magic Kingdom

Every so often you read or listen to something that profoundly influences you. Recently I listened to an interview with Karen Knowler on RawVeganRadio (interview 58) that really resonated with me. Are you scared to reach your true potential? Be it your dream job, the best relationships you can have, your best level of health or success in another area of your life, sometimes no matter how much you want something, the fear of what might happen if you truly reach your goals can be terrifying. Change is scary.

Rather than go into my opinions and thoughts, I'll just leave you with my favorite quote and some resources to look into if you are interested in learning more. I think it is about time that all of us beautiful blog girls started living our dreams lives, simple and divine, and magical ones at that.

"Sometimes it can really scare people to get what they want [She then references a book called "How Much Joy Can You Stand] People don't like feeling not good, but they are scared of feeling great." KK

It is long, so listen while cleaning your room or download to your ipod and listen to it on the work.

Karen Knowler is one of the most giving people one the Internet. She produces free articles and does many interviews that you can access for free on the web. I have several of her ebooks and her print ones. I also had the chance to see her at Successfully Raw hosted by several months ago. I also think that she is so relatable and offers real ways to change that the habits are holding you back and deal with the emotional issues.

For more read here: Heart to Mouth: How to Deal with Those Raw Emotions

Karen, Sarma, and Natalia are my favorite authors on health, emotion, body-image, almost like fairy-raw-mothers. Sexy ladies wearing high heels not hemp!

PS In other very exciting news, a new organic market opened up in the bottom of my building today. It is EXACTLY like Whole Foods, except with way better produce prices and everything is locally grown. It even has cafe seating and great looking salad and food bars. Before we really didn't have a good supermarket (just a couple smallish gourmet delis) within reasonable distance. Even the semi-sketch c-town was a good 10-15 minute walk, so I was hauling stuff from TJs on the subway. Now I just have to take the elevator down a mere 29 floors for an organic utopia. I have to admit, I am a little jealous of myself right now.


VeggieGirl said...

Great quote!

Ashley said...

What is the name of the market? Where is your building located!? So exciting!!!

Melissa said...

Hey Ashley,

Probably should give out my exact address, but I live in one of the luxury buildings near the Pepsi Cola sign in Long Island City. The market is just called Organic Market or something really generic.

Anonymous said...

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