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Monday, August 18, 2008

Michael and Marathons

Wow, if Michael Phelps was a country he would be tied for 6th in overall gold medals won. He would be like 16th for total medals earned!

All this Olympic motivation has really gotten me itching to train for something. My friend suggested I sign up for the Philly Marathon which is on Nov. 23rd. Can I do it? With school, working full time, a few other personal goals I am working on, it will/would be tough.

I plan to definitely do the Nike Women's Half-Run as One through Nike + in October. (PS this is open to all!)

But a full in 3 months? Any thoughts?

What's the Ripa photo all about?
The Physique 57 class I talk about non-stop, has a video on Fitness Magazine's website. It's called the Celebrity Workout. It's a very watered down version because the music sucks,no other way to say it, and it is like 5 times slower than you would do the exercises in the class. But it gives you a peek at 7 of the exercises down, even though they are probably the easiest ones, since they don't require much equipment. But at least you see what this thigh dancing thing I keep mentioning is!

So if you did this workout to awesome music, 5 times faster, for 5 times longer, working each body part for around 15 minutes, you would have the real class. But this isn't bad for beginners, it just isn't enough to give Kelly Ripa the body she has!