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Thursday, August 14, 2008


I was once a swimmer...that was a long long time ago. I traded swimming for 7 years of lifeguarding, during which, I would only go in the water when absolutely necessary. Read: drowning eminent...or 2 times. Okay, the one summer I guarded on the beaches of Martha's Vineyard a day, we were required to swim and run daily, plus I rode my 7 miles bike ride to work and back. Other than that being the guardian of lives is a very sedentary job.

But after a very long hiatus from entering a pool voluntarily--other than the quick dip in the pool in my apartment building for fun a few weeks back--I definitely interested to see how my body would respond. Would I be dying after a few laps? A few thousand meters? A mile?

So I got to gym, I did:

5 minutes on the bike while waiting for a treadmill.

30 minute run around 6.5mph

25 minute swim

I took it really easy, just kind of tried to quiet my mind. Without an ipod, I found that swimming can be kind of meditative, so I tried to think zen, yoga, releasing thoughts, and such.

So I didn't really keep track of the actual swim, but it went something like this:

100 meters free
100 meters breaststroke
100 meters backstroke
repeat above

25 meters fly
75 meters free
100 meters breaststroke

25 meters underwater
25 meters free
25 meters free without breathing
25 meters breaststroke

100 meters with kickboard
100 meters with pullbouy

200 situps

Then I used the fun water extractor to "dry" my bathing suit! Love it.

Swimming went better than expected. It would have helped to try to plan a real workout, but I just wanted to see where my body was with the whole agua thing.

Fun swimming fact: swimmers who are good at fly, free and back are usually bad at breaststroke. Breaststrokers are typically bad at everything else. I am a breaststroker.

Glad it's now officially friday. It's been a long week at work. The gym has been my respite. The other day, my co-worker and I were leaving work, and as she got on the subway home, I mentioned I was going to the gym first. She said, props to you for being motivated. In my head I was like, I have been dreaming of the gym since 3:00! I know it may be the best part of my day!
Oh, if anyone has good tips to end extra snacking and night time eating, send them my way! I certainly don't need to be eating like Michael Phelps, even if I am swimming. haha. 8000-10,000 calories is probably a several weeks' worth for those gymnasts. sorry bitchy, it's late!



VeggieGirl said...

Michael Phelps = amazing. hot. inspiring. hot. ;0)


Do you eat enough during the day?? Maybe that could help with the nighttime snacking?? Haha, I don't experience this issue, so I'm just making a random suggestion ;0)

Ashley said...

Hey! I work from NYC and spend the weekend here every week now that my boyfriend has moved to the Financial District. Do you have any great gym classes in this area that you'd suggest? Thanks!!

Melissa said...

Hey Ashley,

Equinox is pretty amazing. I would totally join it, if I was shopping for a gym. There is one in the FD at Wall st. and nassau