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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Long Run Lost

Sorry for no post yesterday, it took me a bit to get my wireless configured!

I will put a few links to things that I found interesting this week. I was planning to do some research on fitness tech, the Garmin, Polar watches, Nike Sport Band, etc. Because as much as I love the no frills aspect of waking up, foot to the floor and out the door, I think I should step it up a bit. I don't even have an armband for my nano! So suggestions or questions appreciated, I will be doing some research, possibly purchasing, and posting more about heart rate monitors, running watches, and running tech next week.

The one thing I will suggest buying is a portable ipod charger. I bought a Griffin charger last year to have in Europe, the thing is great. It charges fast and the charge seems to last longer than plugging my ipod into the computer. I keep mine at work, so I can charge during the day.

Today I planned to do my long run. I didn't want to bring my phone because it's too heavy. I thought about bringing my parents phone, but it quickly became apparent that in the case of emergency they could not be trusted to operate my blackberry properly.

So I decided to take my route map and $20. I figured I could resort to lying on the ground, flailing, screaming and causing a general scene to attract help if need be.

So I took off, I am fairly directionally challenged and always more nervous in unknown zones, but the route was beautiful. About 3 miles in I realized I had made a wrong turn, so I could go back and add a couple miles to my run or continue on my route for a 6.3 mile run and do my long run tomorrow (After I practice the route in the car, hindsight, love it.). I decided to do the former. When I got back to the hotel, I grabbed a bottle of water and did some beach sprints for good measure. Nothing gets your legs in shape faster than running on soft sand!

So my run was 6.3 fairly slow miles and 4 beach sprints @ 2minutes each with 30 seconds rest in between. I did the sprints listening to Hunger for the Great Light by DMB, which I have taken to listening to on repeat and Check Yes Juliet by We the Kings.

Tomorrow I have my 10 miles run on the agenda. In addition, my parents who are more active than any 60 somethings I have ever met in my life, have their own 6 mile walk planned, 2 hours of kayaking and some minigolf (which they take as seriously as Sunday Communion). So I will definitely do some kayaking and golfing too.

Here are just a couple links that I found interesting this week:

Internet Things I Don't Understand (Funny!!!!)

Love Food to End Emotional Eating

This bodysuit from American Apparel. I can't believe I would ever consider wearing a body suit (although I had several in 4th grade), but Rumi from Fashion Toast rocks this one. I actually went to American Apparel for the first time this week just to check it out. :)

Fashion 101: Your 10 Piece Foundation Wardrobe (curiously no bodysuit included :))
Wishing you sunshine on your long weekend.
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