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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Look cool like Posh, bend it like Beckham!

One of my dearest friends, just launched a line of fabulous mat bags! They are designed to look super cute, but also be very functional.

I have had my bag for months, but I had to keep mum until the WEBSITE went live. The bags have to outer pockets and two inner pockets, so you have all the room you need to stash your keys, wallet, phone, metrocard, Purrell, ipod, even a magazine, but don't have to carry around an extra purse.

I put photos of my bag--green polka dot outside, purple polka dot inside--below but they come in tons of colors and patterns. Besides just looking great, you can tell from all the text on the website that no small about of love and interest in what a women truly needs went into these bags. I mean Bendie's Slogan is Because Mats have feelings too! He has the cutest washing instructions I have ever seen (seriously), plus a portion of the proceeds with go to charities working to stop the violence against women in Darfur, Sudan.

The bags should be in sports stores and yoga studios in NYC soon, but if you can't wait go to the website and send them an email, like the website says, as soon as they happy doing the happy dance, they'll get right back to you!

Namaste, Melissa


Hangry Pants said...

Awesome bags! I've been looking for one myself. Thanks.