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Monday, August 4, 2008

Today's Workout:lunch hour quickie

I really will try to get in the habit of the daily or weekly workout log! I have been pretty good about high intensity cardio 5-6 days a week, strength with weights 1 day a week and without 2 days a week. At least one day of rest a week. I also walk a lot and try to take the stairs at work (about 80 steep ones to the 4th floor) at every opportunity. I find if I take the elevator even once, I never want to take the stairs again!


2 miles power walk from train to work.

Lunch hour quickie:
15 minutes on the elliptical, pretty moderate pace at level 8
10 minute run, alternating 7 mph minutes with 8 mph minutes. I am trying to get my body as comfortable at a 7mph pace as it is at 6mph.
10 minute rower

Ab work:
25 military sit ups
25 hip raises with legs straight in the air
25 crunches with legs in the air
25 bicycle crunches
45 second plank
12 each side of Denise Austin Double Crunch Classic-lie on ground with knees bent, stack one ankle on opposite knee, crunch lower body and upper body toward each other
20 each side of side lying oblique crunches. Lie on side and crunch elbow and upper body toward hip.

That's probably it for the day minus the power shopping I have planned at Target!


Nicole said...

Where do you get your almond butter dates? Or do you make them, if so how? They sound so good! Are they filling or more just a sweet snack. They sound addicting, but since all dried fruit is higher in cal I am assuming these are too. I wish dried fruit was super low cal-haha!

Melissa said...

hi Nicole,

Dates are actually a fresh fruit, not dried, but they look like a dried fruit! However, not low calorie, and I to avoid dry fruit, however, medjool dates are really plump and juicy, so they are very filling and satiating to me, unlike raisins. I just pit one date and smear a bit of almond butter, less than a teaspoon and it't the perfect way to satisfy my sweet tooth after dinner. A date is about 21-25 calories depending on size and a smear of almond butter is around 10-15, so one or two make for a 35-70 calorie dessert that is all natural and preservative free. Dates contain potassium, magnesium and iron.