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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Why running is easier than dating

This is just for fun. I was just thinking about how relationships with running are similar to relationships with people. Some days running is so easy, others day it is so hard. Sometimes you don't know if you really like running, but you know you really want to. You go through periods where you are totally infatuated with running, and periods where you are kind of over it. In some instances the heart (and legs) grow fonder with time. At some point you may find running to be too one note and you may switch to triathlons--kind of like swooning over a musician but then finding that you just can't talk about the Beatles anymore, and finding an ibanker with more diverse interests.

While parallels may be drawn, I have decided that running is (almost always) easier than dating. Here are four reasons why:

Reason 1: The road is easily definable and typically leads to a glorious end. Dating on the other hand is nothing but ambiguous. You are never really in control, there is no defined path, you can't make your schedule, follow a plan, you just have to try to play the game, be just interested enough so you don't seem bitchy, but not too eager because, my god, too many winks and you must be mentally naming your children! The end is only glorious a small percentage of the time, more often it is crash and burn. It could be argued that injuries are crash and burn, but at least there is a good chance of recovery from running injury. I personally feel there is no hope for recovery from relationship disaster, you crash, burn and need to move the heck on!

Reason 2: You get back what you put in.

The more work your put into running, the faster you get, the stronger you get, the more your endurance improves. (If you are in doubt of this, blast some Kanye while running.) In short, your effort is directly proportional to your reward.

I don't think I have to go into how this is different than dating.

Reason 3: It's so much easier to get ready.

Yes, you must think about gus, water and sun block. But once you have the routine, it's cake. Take a morning run. You grab any old shorts, shirt, socks, sports bra, a bottle of water, and you are out the door.

Before a date you go through five outfits, completely destroying your room in the process. Then there is hair, makeup, and debating which perfume is appropriate? Can I fit everything in a small purse so I don't look high maintenance? (Because the hour and a half you took to look like you spent five minutes to look effortlessly gorgeous is so not high maintenance.) Do I have mints? Will my feet start bleeding if we are out more than 4 hours? It goes on and on! Disclaimer: this can be the fun part, I do love getting ready. But it is so under appreciated. I mean all that gorgeous lingerie you bought, and he actually prefers a wife beater and gap body bikini briefs! My girlfriend declared over coffee the other day that all guys should get Brazilians and take Physique 57 classes just to understand that they open the door for a reason!

Reason 4: The soundtrack for running is way more uplifting.
I can pretty much always count on my pop music to get me going and put me in a great mood.

Dating on the other hand has two kinds of sound:

Sappy love songs for the honeymoon phase. My personal fav is I Can Hear Music by the Beach Boys, but I admit that in junior high and high school my "songs" with bfs included ghetto superstar, I don't want to miss a thing, and iris by DMB.

Angry music: perfect for getting screwed when the boy freaks out three weeks in after pursuing you for months! Come on ladies, you know you have Alanis tucked away for those days!

Okay so I may be writing this post from a somewhat cynical perspective. I mean, I am a huge believer in "the chase" (I'm a runner), and I am totally okay with playing the game…to a point. But there comes a time you need to cut the crap and start being real. I mean boys, you need to understand that a flirty text or using the word "I like" doesn't mean that I want a ring, or even a change in facebook relationship status. 90% of the time I am even totally sure if I am into you, I just happen to be a shameless flirt. Did you miss that facet of my personality somehow? J

Again, please note, this is just meant to be funny. I am not in a woe is boy hating state. A girls' night, a few cute-tinis at Pure, and a great guy friend telling me I was gorgeous, wonderful and the boy is out of his mind (all gross exaggerations of course, but they certainly made me feel better) more than took care of the fact that my feelings were hurt that a boy doesn't like me/my personality.

So moral of my tongue in cheek rant…Don't give up on men (or women) and dating; just realize in the meantime, it may be much easier to run a marathon!


chandra said...

Coming from the girl who has not had a date in 8 months: I love, love, love this! :) And I of course totally agree. And whoever this guy is, he's obviously out of his mind, you seem great!

VeggieGirl said...

Haha, this post made me smile :0)