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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

15 tips to get through a workout

-Make it a date--find a friend or coworker that also wants to workout regularly, just make sure it is someone who won't cancel at the last minute, and someone you would feel bad canceling on

-Implement the ten minute rule-like the 10 second rule, this one is critical. The first ten-15 minutes are the hardest, always! So just get through the first 10 and you will probably stay for more, if not at least you did 10.

-Love your playlist-a good song can keep you going that extra 5 minutes, a bad one can make each second painful. Check the side for my favorites and mix it up often!

-Take it easy and bring a mag-every workout doesn't have to be intense, some days just relax and enjoy breezy time on the elliptical. It's creating the pattern that counts...intensity can come later. I don't usually read magazines during cardio because I am not the best machine multi-tasker, but my friend told me her secret is to keep the cover model of Shape/Fitness in front of you for inspiration.

-Crash a class-either try a new class or at places you have to pay, ask if you can try it once for free. It always feels great to get a deal and a fresh routine. Who knows you may love it so much you never need to look at this post again!

-Think of your inspiration-think about what you are trying to achieve, the butt you want your rear to become, close your eyes and envision your body changing and getting stronger. In a few weeks 6 mph may seem easy! It is good to have specific goals, such as ten regular push ups or a 5k in 30 minutes. Wanting Jessica Beils arms is okay too.

-Really focus-sometimes thinking about how hard you are working or how hard you want to go helps. If you are focusing on your form or your breathing, you seem to forget that you are miserable.

-Let your mind wander-If focusing isn't working out, distract yourself. The gym is a great place to go over conversations in your head, think of your to do list (if it doesn't cause panic), imagine your favorite spot at the beach, the outfit you want from H & M. I have a big post on distraction earlier in the blog. It works!

-Find a gym crush-cute boys and trainers have gotten me to the gym on more than occasion. In fact, a boy really inspired my love of the gym and my commitment to go regularly. The first time I saw him at the gym, I was mortified that he could see my sweaty, but I got over that when workout became a conversation point. Plus, seeing how amazing his 6-pack was gave me the determination that the effort was worth it. Oh Mr. 13th street, you are a god.

-Machine hop-keep switching machines and you won't get bored. 10 minutes treadmill, 5 minutes rower, 10 minutes stairmill, just keep it moving!

-Take it outside-sometimes a brisk walk is really what you need, the fresh air is rejuvenating!

-Treat yourself-to a manicure, a stop in the sauna or a hot bath, cause man after that workout, you deserve it!

-Buy really cute clothes to workout in—if you want to show them off, you will go to the gym. They should make you feel great about yourself. Also make sure they are the best ones for your workout. Running in cotton can be torture, look for moisture wicking clothing that can really transform the ease of your run!

-Treadmill Karaoke-It's kind of embarrassing, but I am a huge offender of treadmill karaoke! I just run so much better, happier and faster when I am mouthing the words to my favorite songs! Try it, it rocks!

Lucky #16 added
-Break up-fights and breaks ups with significant others are prime fuel for a great workout. The anger, the aggression, the angsty fem music takes your rpm up by at least 30%. Think of how mad you are, how many desserts you ate just so you wouldn't look like the "salad girl", and how hot you want to look for the next guy/girl. And remember unless you are having hot hate sex, you need to make up for the calories you will no longer be burning in bed.

Please note: All posts are meant to be taken lightly, not literally!


VeggieGirl said...

great tips!! haha, yes, I'm lucky that my trainer is incredibly good-looking - he certainly is a motivating factor for getting to the gym on time! :0D

chandra said...

OMG - I totally agree with SO many of your tips. First of all - I'm not ashamed to admit it: I am a treadmill karaoke rockstar!! :) I swear people always look at me like I'm talking to myself, but I don't care! (I do the same thing in my car!) Having a great playlist helps too.

Also - having someone to meet with at the gym is GREAT motivation. AND - I agree 100% with the "gym crush" too... as veggiegirl said, I too have an amazingly good looking trainer, so I'm motivated to go in every day to see his smiling face!

Love the tips - they're great!!

Melissa said...

Haha, thanks girls. I was a little embarrassed to be so honest, but I am glad I'm not the only one!

Trainers always seem to be hot...hmmm...I wonder if I spend enough time at the gym enough, will become hot too?

ciao bellas! Melissa

betsy said...

i am SUCH a treadmill karaoke-er. it helps so much.

oh-and gym crushes. runner guy, asian runner guy, avocado t-shirt guy...hahaha.

chandra said...

It is SO nice to know I'm not the only one who sings on the treadmill and is motivated to go to the gym because of a crush! Ha!