That that don't kill me, can only make me stronger. I need you to hurry up now, cause I can't wait much longer. Kanye West, Stronger

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lunch hour workout

I woke up this morning feeling very happy. I'm a happy person in general, but I felt quite sunny almost. In any case, I did a few sun salutations, but found my body very stiff, so I decided to take my time getting ready, rather than race to the gym.

This week has been really crazy, I have had to work or go to class until 8 or 9 every night, so Tuesday I did a workout video and last night made a pathetic attempt to jog in place while watching project runway, and do some lunges and squats during commercials. Oh well.

So today I actually went to the gym on my lunch hour. I usually hate to do this because it is so rushed and I am normally ready to eat at lunch time. Plus I had packed my lunch, so I didn't have to spend time picking anything up.

The gym was pretty busy, no treadmills available. So I hopped on an elliptical and did 30 minutes at moderate intensity. I felt fairly unfulfilled, so I will probably do another mini workout after work. I am actually working an event at the gym, so I will be there anyways! I want to sneak in some strength too, I have noticed a big difference since I stopped going to Physique religiously. But at $33 a class, I just can't afford it. It's not even about justification. I don't have that much money! But I might buy the Cardio Barre video, which is a similar workout.

Fitness Magazine has a few good 30-35 minute workouts featured this month. If you play with intervals and intensity you can really make your (limited) time count.

This is kind of random, but I wanted to share this article from Women's Health Magazine with you. It is about the best types of fish and seafood to eat, what is healthy for you and the environment. I found it very informative.

PS I did sneak a second mini workout, 30 minute tempo run. When I got home my new issue of Self was waiting for me! Great day start to finish!