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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Punk Drunk Love?

So how much do I love workouting out if I am actually planning it into my Valentine's Day? Yes, fitness, you are my one and only.

But really, I am planning to go to a drinkstraveganza with co-workers after work to partake in some inter-office, I don't have a valentine, bonding. But after me and two other girls in the office are thinking about going to Punk Rope. One of my co-workers swears by it, and I have been dying to try it. It is offered at locations throughout the city and from what I gather, it hard core jumping intervals set to rock/alternative music.

Great review here, and an excerpt:

So how does one Punk Rope? What is the class actually like? Tim will say that Punk Rope is like recess on steroids (although Tim does not promote schoolchildren experimenting with performance enhancing drugs—say no to Barry Bonds). But that’s pretty much what you can expect. It’s a high-energy, 50-minute class consisting of about 14 intervals set to 14 different punk songs. Maybe you start the class to Green Day and an interval of jumping rope, starting with the basics and progressively working in little tricks and different techniques that focus on different muscles. Then, you’ll hit up an interval to the Ramones, where all kinds of fun activities can happen. Tug of war, relay races—you name it. This is what really brings the class together, where you really get to laugh and play with the people around you.

Since music makes my workout, this is seems like a good time. It seems to have the intensity I love in a good spinning class. I am not sure how the pre-workout drinks will play into the quality (or lack thereof) my workout, but it's not like urban rebounding. I thought I was going to fly off the thing and out the window sober.

Depending on what time my girlfriend wants to go out, I might bail on Punk Rope, but we'll see. I think I will squeeze in a workout before work for insurance.