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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Laughing Lotus

I took my first yoga class at Laughing Lotus this morning.

It was the Early Bird from 6:45-8:00. The description:

Rise and Shine and catch our earlymorning special for all of you 9-5'ers!Wake up your body and spirit in thisclass with a lively flow that's sure tostart your day off just right.

First impressions, the studio was nice, quiet and smelled of nice fragrant incense, not overpowering, just pleasant. They staff was friendly, and a good saleswoman. I had a free passbook pass, but she convinced me to get the new students first time only deal of a week for $20. This will allow me to try enough classes to really get a feel for the studio.

Laughing Lotus is known for its brightly colored walls, pink, green, purple and blue all in one studio.

My instructor was very nice, tying our class into both the crappy, rainy weather (why do I never remember to wear my fabulous Banana Republic Wellies on the appropriate days?) and the beagle that won the Westminster show.

The class started with a bit too much chanting and chatting for me. But I’ll be honest, pretty much any chatting or chanting is too much for me. I like to get to business and chat/chant later.

The class was good, we flowed nicely through the poses and the music was some of the best I have experienced in a yoga class. There were only a few balance poses that were too hard for a novice like me, but it was an open class. There were only 7 students, so we all got plenty of attention.

I would have liked a more vigorous sequence too really feel a burn. We did slow sequences that allowed for deep stretching, but nothing was held for more than 10 seconds.

There is a sun salutation class from 7:30-8:45, which would make it hard for me to get to work. I asked the manager about them, and she said they weren’t much more vigorous than the class I took. Kind of a shame since, Sun Salutations can be but kickers with all the jumping back and forth and standing to and fro!

But I will definitely try a few more classes to see if I can find one that will allow me to get the caloric burn and invigoration I am after; I plan on doing a good 45 minutes of intense cardio at the gym after work. (I didn’t get a chance to work out last night, even though my body wanted to.) I will also ask me friend how is an instructor to give me a mini session to get the names and moves down, so I can take advanced classes. I’ll put my summary in one post, so you all don’t get too bored!

On a closing note, I did feel calm and centered after my workout. So far my workday has been very pleasant. I also noticed when I was putting on my make-up that skin looked better than usual. Maybe it was the circulation, maybe it was the deep breathing. Either way, I'll take it.


Anonymous said...

My name is Marnie (for some reason it won't let me leave a post if I don't do annyomous)

Hi, I am new to your site and have a few questions. On an older post of yours you said that fitness magazines post reviews of fitness videos. I could not find this section on their website, could you please give me the address?

Also, what makes you love to exercise so much? I need help getting motivated :) It seems like you go both morning and night, what makes you keep going?

Last question is that you don't have a bio like Kath or Jenna. I think you said you are a student and work. Where do you go to school and work?

Melissa said...

Hi Marnie,

Thanks for reading.

The fitness magazine reviews can be found here:

or type best workout dvds into google, it should come up.

But I should have put in a link, how silly of me!

Why do I exercise? I have always had a ton of energy, and I just feel like I need to release it. It has been especially apparent since I started working an office job from 9-5. It kills me. I am not hyper-active or anything,I just like to keep moving.

As for motivation, I always feel bad for people who don't love to workout. My roommate is that way. No matter how much I push him, he just isn't into formal working out.

But I will say, once it is a habit, you feel like you can't live without it. It becomes a part of your day like brushing your teeth.

I didn't always love going to the gym, but now I enjoy the way it makes me feel.

So just fake it 'til ya make it for a while.

Caffeine keeps me going. But I limit myself to 2 servings a day and nothing after 3pm, or I can't sleep.

Also nothing helps more than fruits and veggies. Especially fresh vegetable juice, not pasturized with some leafy greens in it, it is like an iv of energy!

It is funny you ask about a profile. When I decided to keep blogging after my marathon, I envisioned it would be more like a review of all types of workout class/facilities in NYC. And tips for good deals, etc. Kind of like an insiders guide to fitness in nyc. But I am realizing that I don't have time to try all 300 classes in my passbook, and I like the freedom to do gym or outdoor workouts. Plus, this appeals to a wider audience. So I am thinking about making it more personal. I haven't decided exactly what I am going to do. I also need to figure out how to add pages to my blog, etc.

I just want to make sure I put out quality work. I hate when I rush through posts; that's not fair to readers!

Take care!