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Monday, February 18, 2008

Squeezing it in!

Today is president's day, so I have plenty of time to get to the gym, take a yoga class or go for a run. But we all know there are days when we don't know where we get into work early to finish something up, go to class after work and meet friends we haven't seen in forever for drinks, um not exactly time to go get in a workout, right folks?

So this post will be about squeezing in exercise, so you don't have to squeeze into your jeans!

I am sure you have read magazine articles that say do calf raises while you wait for the bus, so I know these might not be completely original, but these are ideas that I use on busy days.
  1. Powerwalk in the subway tunnel while you are waiting for the train. If you are lucky not to have to take public transportation (consider yourself lucky) maybe try to squeeze in a mini walk around the block before work or actually give the class park far away for the office thing. (calories burned in 10 minutes fast walking 41-for 120 lb. person--more if you have a huge Birkin bag haha.
  2. Break every other hour at work to go up and down the stairs twice. You have to really focus during your time at work to justify this, but the 3 minutes it takes to briskly climb up and down the stairs twice refreshes and refocuses me. Climbing 4 flights of stairs 6 times throughout the day--approximately 120 calories.
  3. Find a great mini workout to do first thing when you wake-up to get that metabolism going. Magazines are great sources for these. Fitness Magazine has particularly good express workouts. This is my fav (Stay Slim on the Road), I did it almost everyday while traveling in Europe for 3 weeks this summer; it kept me toned and I didn't gain an ounce despite consuming my weight in olive oil and gelato every day! Just a note, you might have to create a free account to access these.
  4. Fidget! Don't get obnoxious, but a little wiggling throughout the day can burn up to 700 extra calories studies say. If this is a little ridiculous to you, take the long way to the photocopier!
  5. Help out your man! Be it the bf or your Dad, guys do everyday things that burn serious calories. For example, shoveling snow burns around 70 calories in 15 minutes, mowing the lawn burns 60. Even offering to take out the trash, walk your roommate's dog, or empty the dishwasher counts for something!
  6. Give up your seat. Standing burns 50% more calories than sitting, so on days when you need to stand on the train. If you are in a car do some butt squeezes and sit up extra straight to engage those abs!

Things even I think are a bit too extreme: airplane yoga and in office workouts! I mean if you make enough to have an office, you should not have time to bust out a series of standing donkey kicks behind your chair! Obviously, I won't be doing any working out in my cube!

Do you have more ideas? Please share them!


alicia said...

Those are great ideas! I can't seem to think of any other ideas except to get off the bus one stop earlier to walk. Oh, I read in a magazine before that it's good to sit on a stability instead of a chair. I don't think I can do that for an entire day at the office though. LOL

VeggieGirl said...

Great ideas, indeed. I always walk at a brisk pace while on the telephone and when I'm studying - GREAT way to "sneak in" a 30-60 minute walk!! :0)

katie said...

did you delete a post about eating? i seem to remember something about posting your meals, too...

Melissa said...

Hi Katie,

I did. As I was reflecting on what I wrote on the subway ride home, I felt like I could have been more clear in my thoughts and intentions. I do plan to post what I eat starting sunday!

katie said...

Sounds good. I'm glad to know i'm not going crazy ;) I haven't commented before but i really enjoy your blog!