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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Weekend what I eat wrap up

At around 6:30 I had a small meal to keep me tided over until the party. I was unusually hungry all day, so I had a few Dr. Kracker sunflower cheese crackers in the afternoon.

For dinner I had a small bowl of Kashi Go Lean topped with a little Go Lean Crunch and almond milk. I also had a salad of some leftover veggies.

Not a normal dinner, but I didn't want to mess up the kitchen before the party.

Too much liquor!

The spread, before the hummus, crudites, and brie were set out.

By the time the party rolled around, I really wasn't hungry. (So eating beforehand is actually a good tip.)

However, throughout the night I did end up munching (tip to note for next time, don't eat just to be social or because it's there--or skip the cereal so party food tastes better.)
I had:
5 ounces red wine.

I had two pita wedges with hummus. About a cup and half of crudites. Around 10 cashews.

A sliver of baked brie--about 1/15 of the brie shown.

At around 11:30 we finally cut the three layer red velvet cake. I was excited because I had never had it before. My roommate used the Magnolia Bakery recipe. I just had a small amount, which immediately fell apart because it was so moist.

I honestly wasn't a huge fan, but I wasn't very hungry either. I actually felt sick. I like the way healthy foods feel in my body better--and ice cream--raw or otherwise--always agrees with me.

So there you go. I'll post a more normal day on Wednesday.

Because there are so many awesome food loggers out there (I don't know how Kath, Jenna and all the other fabulous ladies do it, my hat goes off to you all), I am going to leave daily logging to them!

Here is my new plan:

I will keep the focus of my blog on fitness--my real goal is to give people new ideas, have fun testing out new workouts, and to inspire my passion in others.

However, I understand that it is helpful to see how a healthy eating and regular physical activity work together to give you energy, vitality and a little bit of bliss!

So I will periodically do posts with a focus on food, so you can get an idea of my general eating habits and my philosophy.

I eat out a lot, and that is where most of my fabulous meals come from, what I eat at home is kind of boring. I enjoy cooking, but rarely have time. I also love the experience of dining out, so my next food post will give you an idea of what I typically eat when I go to my favorite mexican, italian, and tapas restaurants.

When I have more time after midterms, I will post more about what I learned from visiting a nutritionist, and the guidelines and tips she gave me.

As a disclaimer, going to a nutritionist is an experience perfectly tailored to your body, you palate, your eating habits and your activity, so if you have questions, I encourage you to visit one at least once--you'll be surprised how much you learn! I thought I was kind of a know it all about nutrition, but I wasn't an expert on how my body responded to what and when I was eating. The small changes and additions I have made to my diet to my diet have left me much more satisfied. I actually eat more often and more real food (yes Kath is right), so what I added naturally helped me lose my desire for junky food I was always craving!

If you have any questions (exercise, food, emotional eating, body image) feel free to ask or email, I will be honest and give you my thoughts.


alicia said...

Hi Melissa,

Just dropping a note to tell you that I really enjoy reading your blog and to keep up the good work!:)

VeggieGirl said...

I second Alicia's comment - your blog is really well-written, and I look forward to reading more of your posts; and I do hope that you will keep up your other blog as well! I follow a high-raw vegan diet, so it's always exciting to read about fellow bloggers who are on a journey to eating more raw foods :0)

Melissa said...

Thank you very much ladies! I really appreciate it.

Veggiegirl, you are the sweetest blogger on the web!