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Friday, February 8, 2008

Workout like(with) a guy!

Sorry if I have been totally MIA. I have been so busy with school and volunteering, that I haven't gotten home before 9pm all week!

It has definitely hurt my workout schedule. I actually went to the gym at 11:00pm on Tuesday! I haven't done that in long time. I always play Smile at You by Fleetwood Mac for the line run from the darkenss. haha

Working out this late is good and bad. I am all amped up for a few hours, so I can study or clean until 1 or 2 without crashing. But it does make it harder to wake up. It also can make me pretty hungry, so I have to practice serious self-control to keep my calories from adding up to a full fourth meal.

Anyways, my tip this week would be to try working out with a guy. I worked out with a co-worker this week, and I got a whole new routine and kickass workout. Plus you tend to be a bit competitive when you workout with a partner, push yourself a bit harder.

So this was our workout.
  • 30 minute treadmill run at 7mph.

  • 10 minutes on the rower.

  • 15 minutes on the elliptical.

  • Final five minute push on the rower with underhand grip.

  • Abs on the balls.

Good stuff! A good solid 60 minutes of cardio feels good and switching up the machines allows go to keep your speed up without getting bored.
In other news I went back to Exhale and did the harder Core Fusion class. I have to say, it's not for me, sorry exhale lovers! It is a really good Pilates/strength/yoga combo, but their just isn't enough cardio-like elements for my taste. I like more on the barre and less on the mat. However, the spa is gorgeous, and I love the Green Dragon clothes they sell. But for a kick as workout, I am going to stick with Physique 57 for now.

Next up to try: Prana Power Yoga and Laughing Lotus.


Anonymous said...

Just stumbled onto the blog...I really like the idea! If you ever get a chance to do one of the spin/yoga classes let me know, im interested to hear what they are like. (i think they are called Spynga, but im not positive)

Jill said...

wow student and working......that's not easy! Where do you work and what are you going to school for?

This is random, but I like to get people's opinions. Do you have a favorite brand tortilla, bread, or pita? Also, do you buy pre washed lettuce or wash your own. Like you I am a student and find it hard to balance it all and washing lettuce is so time consuming but much cheaper!

Melissa said...

To youbetter...
I will definitely look into Spynga, sounds fun. While I lived in Spain, I took spinning classes where you would hop of the bike and do weights and then spin then hop off and do lunges, crazy!

Melissa said...


Hi I don't eat a lot of tortillas, breads or pitas, this has nothing to do with being low-carb, I'm not! But I just having been graviting toward these types of grains lately. In the past I enjoyed, Sahara mini whole wheat pitas, and Kontos (sp?) whole wheat flatbreads, very good for home made pizza.

I just recently bought Food For Life Bran for Life bread. It looks delicious, but I haven't tried it yet. 5 grams of fiber per slice though!

I get most of my produce through Which is a NYC based company that delivers a box of produce each week, all of it is locally grown and organic. For $25 I get 4-5 types of fruit and 4-6 types of vegetables and delivery is free. It does require considerable washing, but it is GREAT deal for organic produce.
If you are not in the area there is a similar company called Door to Door Organics that has a wider coverage area. I actually wrote a small blurb about Door to Door Organics in Self Magazine a fwe years ago.

I do find that if I am buying at the store prewashed cello spinach is pretty affordable.

Melissa said...

Sorry the correct website for Urban Organic is