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Friday, February 22, 2008

The Little Runner Rock Your Body Challenge

I just saw that it is Self Challenge season! I thought I might do a weekly challenge for myself as well as my readers (if there are any out there)!

On a side note, Self mag and I seem in tune because there was a little snippet about sneaking 3 one minute exercises (such as 1 minute jumping rope, 1 minute jumping jacks, or 1 minute of alternating split jumps) into each day to burn an extra 400 calories a week. See it's all about sneaking it in! I am so jealous of all those who have nice weather because it is soooo hard to get natural exercise in during winters up north. Today it is snowing up a storm, and while I love the thick, fluffy flakes, it means even less walking!

So on with the Rock Your Body Challenge!

This is from one of my marathon coach's practice e-mails. He gave a treadmill option each week, in case you had to miss practice--and I think he always made it harder than the actual practice :)

I left the park workout in because that is where he describes pace and effort. For those of you in runnable weather conditions, you can go to to get distances and then type and then figure out a comparable route at your location if you are really ambitious.

I am going to give it a go this weekend, and I encourage you to try it too. Walk if you can't run!

Beginner and intermediate options below. There is an advanced version as well, but this is quite enough for me!

Half Marathoners and Beginners Marathoners workout:

Very simple workout ! We are doing the last Hill of our repertoire !!! (which doesn't mean that will stop us from 'inviting' you to run more hills in the future )

Course and distance for the workout : From East 90th street, head north to 110th street traffic light. We are running the Harlem Hill, yes, yes, we save the best for last

Goal and description of the workout : During the hill repeats, break down the hill in 2 parts. 1st part goes up to the first turn (coach will be there), 2nd part goes from there to to the top of the hill (traffic light) YOU WILL ALTERNATE the way you run the hill, Meaning: one time you'll run the first part easy and push the second part and the next one, push the 1st part and easy a bit on the second part (think overloading your muscles during the first part and hold for dear life on the second half). this is an easy one !! I think !!

Treadmill workout:
Warm-up 10 minutes8 x2 min @ incline 6 + 2 mins @ incline 8 recover 3 minutes cooldown
Same approach as the outdoor wkout. Alternate the way you run, the inclines, alternate between pushing the 6 % and the 8% incline.

Course and distance for the workout : Nice flat workout for you. You are going to run 3-4 loops of the bridle path. From meeting spot at 97th street cross the street and head south west on the bridle path. Those that run a 11 mper mile and above will run 3 loops, those under 11 mper mile will run 4 loops.

Goal and description of the workout : Warm up from 97th to West 86th (water fountain) from there you will pick up your pace at about 85-90% effort (3.5-4) to East 90 th street. Then cooldown up to 97th street. Then do another pick up from E97th to West 86 th street. Continue that method so basically you are going to alternate hard and easy runs between 97 th and 86th and E90th during the 3 or 4 loops that you will be running.

Again, when you are supposed to go hard, Go hard ! Do not be shy, allow the breathing to get heavy, get uncomfortable. During the recovery, run easy, easy, easy, your goal is to bring your Heart rate as low as you can in that time.
More about it when we meet.

Treadmill workout:
Warm-up 5-6 minutes then do6 x4 mins Hard @ incline 2 with 4 mins recovery @ incline 1 Cooldown 5 mins