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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A sweet break from all this healthy talk

Last night, I had a really strong workout; I almost didn't want to leave the gym. But leave I did because I wanted to make Valentine's treats for my co-workers.

I bought these cute pink mini take out containers at Michael's and mini cards, 12 for $1.

Then I baked sugar cookies, any recipe will do

And decorated them with Pillsbury frosting and m & m's.

I put the leftover M&M's and a few mini candy bars in the boxes

Then the cookies. I put the cookies in the fridge to cool them down quickly before frosting, and then I chilled them for a few minutes before sticking them into the boxes to harden the frosting.
Then I closed them up, taped on the card and tied with a bow!

This project was actually more theraputic than my yoga class this morning. Just call me Melissa Stewart. It's not too often a girl gets to craft in the city!


VeggieGirl said...

I absolutely ADORE those little take-out boxes; and the cookies are so ornately decorated!! love it!! hope you had a fun Valentine's Day :0)