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Monday, March 17, 2008


I just noticed these fabulous vegetarian recipes on Foodnetwork. They all look so good, I don't know which I want to make first. Maybe I'll just 1/4 the recipes and make a bunch of little plates and eat them tapas-style. My fav!


VeggieGirl said...

Wow, that dish looks FANTASTIC!! Haha, I love browsing through the recipes on Food Network's website - it's fun to try to "veganize" them ;0)

Susan said...

I agree with veggie girl.....looks so good! It would be so fun if we all lived in the same city and could have a veggie potluck- haha!

On a related topic, how often do you go grocery shopping? I find fresh veggies go bad so fast! Any storage tips or hints. Luckily fruit lasts, but I never eat fresh veggies more than twice a week :(

Beth said...

Thanks for the post! I was looking at your recommended blogs- they are great! How do you have time to read all the blogs and your magazine collection? I have been spending too much time doing both of those things.

Melissa said...

I don't! Sadly, I have many many neglected magazines! I typically get to work a half an hour early to really quickly browse through my favorite sites! If I have time on my lunch hour I check again! or at night instead of watching tv. I don't spend more than an hour a day reading magazines/checking blogs. But my own blog takes about an hour each time I post.

It is a lot of time, so I cut back when I am super busy!

Melissa said...

Hi Susan,

I tend to buy produce or have my organic delivery service drop it off once a week. I buy most of my lunch salads at cafes near my office. So most of my produce I save for dinner, maybe making a salad to work once a week.

Here are my tips for making it last as long as possible.

1.) make sure if you buy bagged lettuce it is the latest expiration date available.
With bagged lettuce you do have to use it pretty fast.

The Earthbound organic in the plastic containers seems to last a bit longer.

2.)Certain greens and veggies last longer, especially purchased whole.

hearts of romaine last a long time and
Bagged spinach tends to hold up the best of all greens.

What works the best for me with bagged lettuce is to put the plastic bag in a big gallon size ziplop and make sure to keep it where it won't get squished.

This also works for things like snow peas, broccoli, cucumber, tomatoes. As soon as it is open or cut into put it in a plastic bag or plastic wrap.

Kiwis last a long time in the fridge and things like mango and avocado won't ripen in the fridge, so you can keep them there until a day or so before you are going to eat them.

If your kale/spinach/broccoli start to wilt, steam and serve or make soup immediately! :)