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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Weekly Workout Wrap Up

The week flew by! This weekend was especially busy with parties, catching up with people for lunch, coffee, shopping and dinner. Somehow I managed to fit in workouts here and there, my week looked something like:

Monday: 20 minutes pilates/ab work first thing in the morning--well after I turned on VH1 morning jumpstart which is the FIRST thing I do in the morning.
Evening: 1 hour cardio, 30 treadmill, 30 elliptical

Tuesday: 45 minute workout video.

Wednesday: 30 minutes on the elliptical at lunch, really easy, just let myself daydream away about pretty much everything.

Afterwork: 35 minute hard treadmill run, 15 minute elliptical, ab workout from Women's Health Magazine pullout booklet. This one required a lot of balance and coordination, I definitely flew off the ball a few times. Fortunately, at the gym I have no shame!

Thursday: No formal working out, but I did walk about 120 blocks in the city throughout the day, which is roughly 6 miles.

Friday: Nada--although getting ready to go out was a marathon event :)

Saturday: Treated myself to a great class at Physique 57, then strolled from 57th street down to 14th street to meet up with a friend.

Sunday: Spinning class and Awesome Abs and Butt at Monqi Fitness (I almost didn't make it because I had to get up at 7am, but I knew I had to review. Thanks for keeping me accountable guys!)

Not too bad. I really need to start training for the half, so I am going to try to step it up with the running. So long runs every weekend, starting at 6-7 miles, plus a tempo run once a week, and interval once a week, and maybe a 5 miler. Plus, my usual power 1 1/2 hour workouts with the boys twice a week, and at least one yoga class and strength session a week.

That's the plan. If only I had as much discipline with my diet haha!