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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Are you hardcore?

So I am officially back on track. I had am amazing workout last night. It just felt euphoric to be moving my body after days of sluggishness. I actually felt like crap all day, and it wasn’t until I was sprinting on the treadmill that I felt alive again.

During class I asked a co-worker I sometimes workout with if he wanted to go to the gym after class. (I find it incredibly hard to go straight from a full day at work to class and then the gym, so it’s good to have a buddy.)

He was like, “sure. I already went at lunch, but I want to go again.”

I was like, “whoa there! Look at you!”

He was like, “Melissa you are just not as hard core as us.” Not being sarcastic!

I was like, did he really just go there? Me not hard core, as if!

This conversation made me think about how many girls (myself included) think guys have it so easy; they don’t have to work to get those six-packs. But lots of guys work pretty damn hard for those abs and biceps, and sometimes we don’t give them enough credit!

On the other hand, I could do the exact same regimen as my (already pretty fit) co-worker who lost 15 pounds in like 3 weeks, and not drop more than a few pounds, eating less! Okay so maybe they deserve the crap we give them. But at least they have to put in some effort.

Back to me not being hard core. For a second, I was like damn I need to prove I am just as hard core. I can do doubles! But then I realized I am consistent and balanced. I don’t really need to be hard core about everything in my life: school, work, fitness, diet, social life, clean apartment--moderation is just fine with me.

Besides, even if I was as “hardcore” as my male co-workers. I still wouldn’t be as hardcore as my friend Rebecca. She ran her first marathon with me in October, and immediately signed up for the Paris Marathon and Gulf Coast half ironman. On Saturday night, she came out with us, and then work up to run a few miles, BEFORE her 15K race and then continued running after—a total of 24 miles!

So moral of the rambling story: decide how much fitness is important to have in your schedule, for your lifestyle and your body, and let that be enough! At some points you may enjoy more and some points less.

“Success isn't how far you got, but the distance you traveled from where you started.”

During my fabulous workout last night, I decided success for me will be the following to goals:
1.) to complete a strong ½ marathon in April
2.) to get my 5k time down to 25 minutes from just under 29 minutes by August—hopefully sooner.


Lauren said...

Don't worry, you seem hard cord enough! Thanks for the post about yoga. How do you motivate yourself to exercise later in the day- it seems like you are not a morning exerciser. I have the hardest time getting myself to do it in the afternoon.

What are you going to school for?

Melissa said...

Hi Lauren,

I am going to school for a master's in internation education--specializing in cross cultural exchange and training, which is global university development, study abroad and international hr.

I actually like to workout in the morning. I don't typically use an alarm clock, so if I wake up early, I go--probably-2 week days a week. If not I have to fit it in later.

So with my schedule I just have to go whenever I have time that particular day, and know that getting there is the hardest part. My least favorite time is lunch hour, super low energy then. After work is hard to. I like working out after dinner, but now that I get home so late, I usually go before.

Betsy said...

we're all hardcore!! i think you're especially hardcore ;)

are you running the brooklyn half?? i am!

Melissa said...

Hi Betsy!

Yes I am running the Brooklyn half (hopefully)! I've got to get back into long run mode!

Leslie said...

Hi, I just discovered you blog and love it! You seem so much more normal than a lot of the other bloggers. I looked through some of your old posts and you did two posts about what you eat. I have recently decided to become a vegetarian but am kinda lost on salads. I am hoping you can help me because your eating style seems similar to mine (fast, but not processed food). I am new to beans and and don't really know vegetarian salad combos that go well together. Besides the two bean salads you described (I hate avocado!) do you have any other salad combos and salad dressings that you like that go well tegether? Do you use romaine, leaf lettuce? If you can't tell, I am new to this!

The part I hate about salads is cutting and washing the lettuce, any tips? Thanks so much!

VeggieGirl said...

I completely agree with you - we should all listen to our bodies, and participate in the amount of activity that feels right. I'm pretty hardcore about it, but that's because I enjoy it so much; and on days when I don't feel well, I let my body rest - it's a good balance :0)

Betsy said...

yay! i'm really excited for it. it's supposed to be a great course. let's hope for good weather!!

Anonymous said...

In your weekend post you mentioned you did some exercise videos. When looking for videos, how do you choose which one will be good. So many seem not to be that great.

Melissa said...

Thanks everyone for your comments! I love it.

I will get back to you soon Leslie, lots to say about salads!

Betsy: we'll have to keep each other accountable. Do you have a goal time?


I read all the reviews on amazon, and then check the reviews on

And sometimes rent them at the library to try them out.

This helps, but you can't avoid occasionally getting stuck with a bad one.

Rebecca said...

I am moving to a new city. You seem to know all the "hot" exercise spots in nyc. I am not moving to new york, but how did you learn about the different exercise places, etc?

linds said...

lol you ARE hardcore! haha but in a good way. I started downloading a couple songs you have listed on your site and I have just fallen in love with "breakin dishes" I could just put it on repeat and that would be fine for the whole workout! I hope you update your song list as you find new ones :)

Betsy said...

2 hours!!! I just ran the 15k in 1hr 24 with gas left, so I think 2 hours is definately doable.


Melissa said...

Rebecca-I am obsessed with all things NYC, not just exercise. I want to know every art show opening, hot club, celeb chef restaurant, store sale, etc! In order to stay in the know, I have had a subscription to Time Out New York since the week I moved here. Now New York too. Online and have lots of great news about hot fitness places. Also many magazines highlight which stars go where.

Betsy-fabulous job. 2 hours is my goal too.

Rebecca said...

Wow! How do you balance everything......doesn't school, exercise,work, blog, knowing all about nyc etc ever become overwhelming?

I find, I don't have time for it all!

Betsy said...

yay!!! maybe i'll see you at the start :) i'm so excited for it!

Melissa said...

It's not easy to fit everything in! I have to say no more than I would like to. But I feel, if you are going to live in NYC you need to take advantage of as much as possible. I don't get to go to everything I read about, and I certainly am not up with what is going on in Lost or 24 or Nintendo Wii, but hey, that's okay