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Monday, March 24, 2008

Fitness food for thought

I have seen quite a few interesting articles around the web lately, so I thought I would share some fitness food for though with you.

I only remember to check Vital Juice Daily once in a while. Sometimes it's not too great, but in glancing through the archives, it has been pretty stellar of late
A fun spring shopping list. Here are just a few spring stars:

*Asparagus*Berries and Strawberries (look for organic)*Broccoli*Fava beans*Morels*Oranges*Radishes*Rhubarb*Spinach and Baby Lettuces (look for organic)*Sugar Snap and Snow Peas
Click on the link for full list.

Their NYC Vital List mentioned a vigorous Punk Rock Yoga class that is set to music. It sounds really cool, and I have a free pass to East West Yoga. Sadly it is only the last Friday of every month, and I already have plans this month. If it was with girlfriends, I might as them if they wanted to join, but I don't think it's appropriate in this situtation. ;) I guess I'll have to wait until next month. Is it sad that I am a teany bit disappointed?

I am totally obsessed with Sarah Backhouse at, she recently did a 30-day green diet challenge that was very hysterical and very real. Even more recently she wrote a fun article on Green Tea, in case your still on the fence.
Health magazine did an interesting article on new ways to boost your metabolism, nothing groundbreaking, but worth a peruse.

Fitsugar had a fun roundup of healthy tidbits.

While I am totally a google girl Yahoo Health has a lot of great blogs. One of my fav's is Joy's Healthy Bite, by Joy Bauer, who is basically America's nutrition goddess. Gabrielle Reese also has a good blog on health and fitness.

Do good, get beautiful (stuff!) I have learned two horrible things about bottle caps this week. #1 many states/companies won't recycle your bottle if there is a cap on it. So make sure to remove the cap. #2 The caps can coke baby seals, penguins and turtles! Harp seals and sea turtles are my two favorite animals! The best thing to do is to cut down on the amount of bottles you use--most bottled beverages (besides h20) aren't that great for you anyways. But realistically, you are going to use bottles occasionally, so remove the caps and save them. Once you have 25 caps bring them to Aveda (or mail them in), and they will recycle them AND give YOU a free beauty sample! Find out more!

To my running buddies, if you haven't seen mapmyrun. It's fabulous. Far more accurate than my pedometer.

While I don't have too much time to find new blogs, I am interested to know what everyone is reading. I am sure there are absolutely fabulous blogs I haven't seen yet! Let me know, even if it's yours! :) I don't have too many blogs on my list only because I want the list to reflect blogs I check regularly, even some of the ones on my list are being neglected, maybe it's time to update.

Ciao bellas and fellas!


azelma said...

Man, I wish I lived in NYC to try out the class! Nice to know about the bottle tops, though, I'm totally using that site, what a sweet deal!

I've heard that speeding up your metabolism is pretty near impossible (other than eating and exercising regularly); all of those 'drink cold water!' 'eat spicy foods' are pretty much insignificant.

Leah said...

I absolutely love
It is so useful!

Lindsey said...

Would you mind still doing the weekly wrap ups? they were so helpful to see!

Melissa said...

Absolutely Lindsay. I thought is was probably easier to see a whole week at once, than having to scan through daily posts to get an idea of a typical week.

Things are a bit crazy right now. But I will definitely post as soon as I can!


Betsy said...

mapmyrun is the best. I alwasy use it...