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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Magazine Madness

I am obsessed with magazines. I always have been. I was a journalism major in college, so I justify it that way. Despite recycling regularly I have quite a collection in my room at all times. They are hidden on the opposite side of my bed, so unless you are going out to the balcony, you would know they were there.

and more

And even hidden in my nightstand with my workout dvds.

I subscribe to several magazines because it is so much cheaper than buying them off the newstand. Shape is $4 a pop or about $15 for the year/12 issues.

I read magazines on a broad range of topics, but obviously I read quite a few health and fitness magazines.

Many fitness magazines do overlap and repeat the same info over and over, so it's not necessary to get them all! Actually magazines in every genre repeat and recycle, so your best bet is to sit down at Barnes and Noble with a big stack and read to your heart and heavy wallet's content.

As far as health and fitness, I like Women's Health because it is put out by Rodale which takes proper research and reporting very seriously, so I trust their information. Women's Health tends to have less fluff, although lately it seems to be seeping in.

Fitness is really jammed packed with workouts, playlists, and tips, and I find the workouts are actually possible.

Shape has a much larger on clothing and beauty products for a health magazine. It has a stronger celeb focus, if you are into that kind of thing.

Self is one my favorite magazine forever. I had the best internship ever there! It's approach is about an all over healthy lifestyle, mind, body and soul.

Runner's World is fabulous if you are a runner. Also put out by Rodale.

There are so many more health magazines that I don't read regularly, but are worth the occasional peruse: Natural Health, Body and Soul, Fityoga, Eating Well, Prevention, and so many more.

Someone asked me about Real Simple, I never could get into it. I am more of a ReadyMade kind of girl. ReadyMade has nothing to do with health. I actually prefer Good Housekeeping to Real Simple, sometimes I am an old soul.

Now that I am back in school, I make myself read my textbooks during my commute, so I am really behind on my magazines. I keep saying, I am going to go through them, tear out my favorite articles and make on massive magazine bible. Someday!

Here is what I subscribe to:
New York Magazine
Time Out New York
The Economist
Women's Health

I read also read Instyle and Cosmo when I get a chance.

My roommates get (I very occasionally browse through them):
Martha Stewart Living
Entertainment Weekly

BTW I have totally weaned myself off of all the tabloids--Life and Style, etc. So if anyone is addicted it is possible. I felt like I would be single-handedly responsible for B-Spears inevitable end if I kept reading!


Kath said...

Wow, I didn't think anyone loved magazines as much as I do!