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Friday, March 14, 2008

Two free classes

I just saw this deal in Time Out and I had to take advantage.

Two free classes at MonQi Fitness. MonQi is supposed to be a really great studio, and I am 90% sure it was mentioned in Self as a celeb favorite this month.

The classes look pretty intense, and you have to take both back to back in order for them to be free.

Sign up soon the offer ends 3/23!

I signed up for ZHcycle and Awesome Abs and Butt! The cycle class is through their partner Zonehampton.

Also, if you didn't see the SNL spoof of Christian from Project Runway, check it out on my friend's fabulous blog. Fierce!

All right, see Sunday with the review!


linds said...

You're making me jealous that I live so far away from NYC!!!! Theose classes sound awesome, have fun! :)

Nicole said...

I was thinking the same thing as linds!

Since you are a vegetarian what do you order when you go to a deli or out to eat at a place like cheesecake factory or cpk?

Melissa said...

Hey Girls,

Sorry I don't mean to make you feel jealous! I always get jealous when Kath and Jenna talk about the good weather.


I am planning a big post on how to be a total foodie (my friends make fun of me for it), eat out, and stay trim for next week.

When I go to delis, it's usually for lunch and I get a huge salad and whole grain bread or soy chips or fruit.

I haven't been to CPK or cheesecake factory. There aren't any CF's, but I think they do have a CPK.

I looked at the menu to tell you what I would order--I eat fish.

I would either get the Singapore shrimp rolls or tuscan hummus with a house salad.

Or the Broccoli sundried tomato fusilli

The miso salad with shrimp
grilled vegetable salad
field greens salad

If friends wanted to order dessert, I would have a about 4 bites of whatever it was.

At cheesecake factory

the shrimp summer rolls with a tossed salad and edammame

or a salad (with soup if available)
-The vegetable chopped salad
-endive, pecan and blue cheese salad--with goat cheese instead of blue geast
-French country salad

or the
-fish tacos
-wasabi tuna
-miso salmon

lizzie said...

i can't wait to read your reviews! i live in nyc and belong to nysc, but i'm always looking for new, fun workouts (that are hopefully not too expensive). my membership at a bikram studio is winding down so i'm definitely looking for other studios that offer good intro deals and have intense, fabulous classes. thanks!! love all of the food and exercise posts!

Nicole said...

Thank you so much. I never would have expected you to take the time to look at the menus- you are beyond nice and why I love checking your blog!

I feel guilty, but I have one last follow up question. I don't live in a big city like new york, so are deli's are your typical delis- meat heavy! So the salads I am used to seeing at delis are your typical turkey, cheese, etc salads. What type of salad do you order when you go to the delis? I really appreciate your advice! Delis are the exact type of place I find myself so often and stuck with ordering the same thing- soup! Which is fine, but not for every time I go. Sorry for rambling and thanks again!

Sarah said...

Hi Melissa,

I would like to buy a fitness type magazine, I am deciding between self and shape. Is there one fitness type magazine you would recommend? Those are the only two I know of, but I figured you probably know of others and which is really the best! I am not really a hard core exerciser, so I like learning/reading about the mind body type exercises (yoga and pilates) and not only weightlifting.

Also, since you work and go to school, I am hoping you can help me. I find when I am bored or stressed I need to keep my mouth occupied. Tea and water only go so far. So I am always sucking on candies, gum, or soft drinks. How do you prevent yourself from getting the boredom or stress munchies?

Jess and Josh said...

aww thanks for the mention melissa!

Melissa said...

Hi Nicole,

When I say deli, it's probably not the same as the type of deli's you are used to. The place I go to is more a restaurant with out table service. You can pretty much anything from pizza, pasta, sandwiches, salads, quiche etc.

I think soup and a half sandwich is reasonable. I have a few posts on the salads I order and how to construct a healthy salad:

I wish I could be more helpful with the deli situation. But places like subway have lots of healthy options, I am not sure what is around you, but even at taco bell and other chain places you can make healthy choices. The food just might not be quite as fresh and natural as you would like. When in doubt, pack your lunch at home.

Hi Sarah,

Shape and Self are pretty similar, Shape is more focused on workouts. SELF is about being healthy and happy in all areas of you life. It has fewer workouts than Shape.

I also like Fitness and Women's Health.

They are all very similiar, so I would go to Barnes and Nobles, grab a huge pile of magazines, read through and decide which is most your style. I will do a post about this soon!

As for eating mints, gum and sodas all night. This may not be what you want to hear, but I would just not buy them and break yourself of the habit. I understand because if I buy gum the pack is pretty much gone in a day. But mints and gum are not good in large quantaties.

You can start to break the habit by buying them every other day at first, then every two days.

But more than that, when you chew or suck on something you stimulate the body for digestion. You don't really want your body to constantly think it's eating because it has lots of other jobs to do! It needs to digestion, assimulate your nutrition, eliminate it, and clean and repair your cells. So you want to make sure it has time to do each--in my opinion. Plus it will save some money to buy mints all the time.

If you are up late you might need food, especially if you haven't had a balanced meal for dinner.

Here are somethings I eat at night if I am hungry. I try to think if there is anything i missed out on during the day, and if so select something from that food group where possible.

-vegetables with hummus
-apples with almond butter
-crackers and cheese
-yogurt with fruit
-frozen bananas, sometimes with almond butter and dates
-hot chocolate
-ice cream novelties are fine if you stick to one.
-pudding cups, I like to freeze them to get them really fudgy
-70% cocao dark chocolate

If I am having a night where I just can't stop eating, I have to talk to myself, and say, you have had enough, eating is over for the day.