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Thursday, March 13, 2008

A few things even a "no frills" gym should have

I feel as though all of my friends belong to these swank gyms. I hear how about the amazing personal trainers at Equinox, how they enjoy nice salmon lunches at the cafes, how they saw Jerry Seinfeld on his way to the platinum class locker rooms at Reebox Sports Club.
Meanwhile, I just canceled my membership at the dowdy NYSC. I belonged to NYSC for three years, I actually liked it for it's Starbucks ability to be found every three blocks--and it's 24 hour locations. Many NYSC's are pretty grubby, but the Astoria location is quite nice, with a gorgeous pilates reformer room.

However, being a student gives me access to two gyms, so I figured I could save the extra money even if it meant not have a gym in my neighborhood, unlimited free classes or a huge variety of interesting looking takes on the traditional treadmills and ellipticals.
I have to say one of the school gyms is from the middle ages, dungeon-like and humid. The other is much more state of the art. Plasma screen tvs, good ventilation, one of the best pools in the city, and my favorite good lighting. Why some gyms are so dark is beyond me.

It has some things even NYSC didn't have--and it is missing a few things I think are minimums for any workout facility:
1.) Free locks. You hand in your card, you use the lock to secure your stuff, you return the lock, you get the card. Why some gyms make it more complicated than this I do not know. I am not a fan of carrying around heavy locks.

2.) Hair elastics on sale in the lobby. How many times have you forgot an elastic?

3.) Pre-moistened cleaning cloths to wipe off machines--love these.

4.) Tv and radio plug ins for when your ipod runs out of gas before you

5.) Towel service

6.) Lots of toys to play with: foam rollers, exercise and medicine balls, dyna bands, stability boards, etc.

Other essentials not currently offered by my facility but I generally feel to be necessary

6.) Decent quality and pleasant smelling shampoo, conditioner and soap. If you are going to offer these things, get things that are pleasing to the majority. I am not a fan of gym showers, and the stuff at NYSC and Crunch is not fit for my dog.

7.) Fans on treadmills-best invention ever!

8.) Free classes--I don't have the flexibility in my schedule to stick to a rigid schedule!

And a few things I hope to have in my next gym:

9.) Steam rooms, sauna and roof deck

10.) Chilled mint- and eucalyptus-soaked towels :)


VeggieGirl said...

ALL of those features would be PERFECT for gyms to have - let's keep our fingers crossed that they'll all be available in the near future! :0)

I saw your comment on my blog - that IS exciting that the magazine will be available at WF soon. Score! :0)

By the way, I'll be in NYC in less than 2 weeks - have you been to Pure Food & Wine?? I'm so anxious to dine there!

Anonymous said...
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Betsy said...

ever been to dolphin gym?? yeah...i go to the crappiest gym in new york, and we don't have ANY of those things. it sucks, but I only pay $250 for the year!!