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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Away for the Weekend--but not without a plan

I will be home for the weekend!

While I will busy with lots of family obligations, I never travel with out a few fitness essentials.

For this quick weekend trip I packed:

winter running clothes
a liter of Evian for the train

I almost never go away without workout DVDS. But my parents have Fit TV, so that's a perfect substitute. I started my day at 7:00am with a one-hour boot camp episode!
I even learned something new! Your arms can account 12% of your aerobic workout, so really put some oomph into your arm movements! Think strong solid movements, not limp, lazy or flailing ones. :)
I want to sneak in a run, but it currently "feels like" 14 degrees in Saratoga Springs, and I am huge wuss. Hopefully it warms up--need to start training for the half!

I totally overbooked myself with plans every night this week, plus two huge papers due, so posts will be scarce, but I'll try to sneak a couple in here and there.

My weekend it already off to a great start! I had the distinct pleasure of meeting VeggieGirl and her charming family for an amazing dinner at Pure Food and Wine. Be sure to look for the full recap on her blog! It's so great to meet bloggers in person, and to find out what they are interested in besides blogs, food, and fitness! VeggieGirl happens to be quite the fashionista--love your fabulous jewelry btw! We have lives outside the gym and kitchen haha!

Peace and happy Easter weekend to those of you celebrating.


Lindsey said...

Have you ever tried those ipod exercise order things (sorry for lack of a better name). I am hesitant to try them since there is no visual guide for the weightlifting portion.

Also what is fit tv. Does it repeat exercises weekly? or are they always different?

Julie said...

How fun that you and veggie girl met!

I am going to try a exhale class. Before you went to yours did you eat or drink anything?

Also, what did you eat after?


Melissa said...

Hi Lindsey,

I am not sure what ipod program you are talking about. I don't think I would like something that just told me when to lift and how many reps. The weight machines at our gym can be programed to your range of motion and count your reps, but I find it annoying.

Fittv is a whole channel devoted to fitness, like food network for fitness, they have exercise shows all day long, everything from cardio to strength, yoga, dance, etc. They also have shows about health and diet etc. I love it, but I don't have it in my apartment.

Hey Julie,

Exhale is only an hour class, so I just ate like I normally do on any day. If I am going in the afternoon, I will have a light snack if I am hungry. After I workout, I try to include some protein within 30 minutes to repair muscle tissue. But there is no need to add additional calories to your day. You can probably eat up to 45 minute before the class without a problem.

Have fun!!!!!

Julie said...

Thanks so much.....good to hear it's not as rigorous as I thought.

What type of snacks do you eat that have protein in them? Trainers always push whey protein, which I personal don't believe in.

Also, I know you go to the gym a lot what type of workouts do you do there? Is your main focus running?

Melissa said...

Hi Julie,

I hate the taste of all protein mixes I've tried and even the flavor of protein bars like luna!

Again what I eat kind of depend on timing and hunger, but if I am having a meal within an hour of my workout, I'll probably have a babybell light or string cheese, great portable protein. Some almonds or a half caf latte.

If I have a while to go, cottage cheese and fruit, hummus and veggies, kashi tlc crunchy bar, individual packet almond butter-from justin's--with fruit or wasa crackers.

I mix it up at the gym. The treadmill at the gym is really not my idea of a great time (although I am getting more used to it), so I switch between elliptical, treadmill, spinning, rowing, etc. I also try new classes whenever I can to keep it fun.