That that don't kill me, can only make me stronger. I need you to hurry up now, cause I can't wait much longer. Kanye West, Stronger

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mediocracy is not clutch

So today was my first "official race" of the new year. I did the Fred Lebow Classic. Fred Lebow was the co-founder of the New York City Marathon.

The 5 miles went pretty fast. I ran the race in 48 minutes and 2 seconds. Which is 9:36 minute miles. I am pretty sure all of my miles were about that pace, as I tend to be insanely steady. Half of the course was uphill and half downhill, but I feel like I didn't sprint the early downhills, and pushed myself on the end of the race uphills, keeping my pace steady.

So the time was very good for me...but I was only in 52nd percentile for my age/gender groups. So I was kind of bummed. I work out so much, and yet I am just average at running.

I guess I should be happy I can run at all considering how counter intuitive it often feels.

Anyways, I am not competitive with running. Usually it doesn't matter to me, but I guess I'll just keep running as a hobby and enjoy all the fitness areas I love. No sense in wasting tons of energy killing myself to improve my running when I could be enjoying a variety of activities.

I am a jack of all sports but a master of none. Kind of sad, but what are you going to do?