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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Why The Nike Marathon is the best marathon ever!

Besides the fact that we get the amazing views of the bay area, we get a ton of fabulous perks.

Jamba Juice-mile .5
coat check-mile 2.5
entertainment--all over the freakin place
Goody hair stuff-mile 3.5
MUSIC-mile 5,6, 9,10, 16, 17,21,22, 23
oxygen bar--mile 6--how frou frou!
luna bars--miles 9 and 21
luna moon--mile 9, 18, 24
photo ops--miles 7.3--smile
bananas--mile 11
ghirardelli chocolate--mile 11.9--good thing we will be burning lots of cals!
nike plus tunnel (massages)--mile 15
bear naked granola--mile 13.5
pedi-care--mile 13.6
TNT cheering stations, 4,6,9,10, 18, 23, 26
Tiffany's Necklace at the finish line!

Post race massages and pedis!