That that don't kill me, can only make me stronger. I need you to hurry up now, cause I can't wait much longer. Kanye West, Stronger

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Leaving on a jet plane

So I arrive at the airport, kind of forgetting that the time the plane takes off it not the time you leave, so when the self-service check in refused to print my boarding pass, personal panic ensued. I managed to convince an attendant to let me jump ahead of all the people in the line to Cancun in order to get through security, on the plane and to my marathon.

The plane ride was fairly average except for the fact that they had no food and it was a six hour flight. whatever. not a peanut or pretzel in sight.

So we arrive and San Fran is sunny and beautiful. Probably the most amazing shopping mecca I have ever encountered. Like every major shopping area in NYC converged in one convenient location--minus the cute independent and designer boutiques. But gorgeous and clean nonetheless. God, I feel like I am cheating on my city.

So we check into a stunning grand Hyatt, just steps away from the race expo and starting line in Union Square. Could I be any luckier? My bed was definitely something to write home about. I just melted into the comforter and the million pillow---too bad I don't use a pillow.

But I only sat down for a second...I had a brand new city to explore, take in and, potentially, fall in love with.

At the expo I got my bib and shoe chip, looked around, found my name on the Niketown wall and walked around for a while.

I chatted with some friends, but the jet lag set in and the rain started coming down. This was a great opportunity to go to Niketown, where the 100 foot line to get in the door disappeared when a the rain started. I bought my horrendously overpriced marathon sweatshirt, claiming my victorious finish prematurely, picked up a book at Borders, grabbed takeout at a sushi bar and headed back to the hotel.