That that don't kill me, can only make me stronger. I need you to hurry up now, cause I can't wait much longer. Kanye West, Stronger

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Count down

Preparing the week before the marathon involved a lot of running related activity, but not a whole lot of actual running.

On Tuesday we had our last team practice, a pretty hard forty minute run.

After that we had a light run on Thursday and lots of gentle stretching throughout the week.

Drinking gallons and gallons of water, eating lots of salt--yay, avoiding caffeine and fiber.

But boy did I have a lot to do to get everything together to leave for San Fran on Friday.

I had to make my millionth trip to Jack Rabbit to buy race ready shorts and a few more power gels. I was disappointed they only had spandex (eeek!) race ready shorts. But they uber helpful sales guy convinced me that I could pull them off. I tried them on, and I decided it was really my only choice, I was leaving in one day, so I couldn't order online. Race ready shorts have lots of handy pockets to tuck gels, food, keys, and ipods into.

I also needed some gels, unfortunately they didn't have my fav, double latte powergels, so I had to buy the expresso love gus. This went strictly against the don't try anything new on race day rule, ooops.

I also grabbed some organic clif shot blocks in cran-raspberry--for variety.

I also picked up a three pack of socks.

Then I was off to pick up the essential I love NY tee and Statue of Liberty crown.

So I walked up to 34th and wow I love NY tees only cost $1! What a bargain. I can't believe I bought an I love ny tee or a statue of liberty crown for that matter, but I guess we have to represent our city out there!

As I continued walking I noticed a city sports on 5th, and low and behold they had double latte--let us rejoice!

I hoped on the subway to pack, pack and clean clean before leaving in the morning!

Items needed included: band-aids, travel size toiletries, a garbage bag to stay warm at the race line, shoes x2, socks, ipod--with playlist revised for maximum whoop ass, Tylenol 8 hour, ibuprofen, resealable plastic bag to get past airport security, bag to take to the race, plane tickets, wrist bands, pasta and victory party tickets, singlet, nutrition, visor and sunblock. My bag was actually pretty light.