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Sunday, October 28, 2007

What this was really about--TNT Milestones and research advances

1988: Bruce Cleland of Westchester County, NY organizes 38 people to run the NYC Marathon while raising money for research to honor his daughter, a leukemia patient. The group (called Team in Training) raises $320,000.

1989: A team of people from LI, Westchester and NJ participate in the NYC marathon.

By 1993 there are 20 chapters.

1996: Race walking is added

1997: The Century Ride is added

1999: The Triathlon is added

2004: The Society and Nike launch the Nike Women's Marathon to benefit the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. It raises $10 million.

2007: Since TNT's inception, 340,000 people have raised over $800 million to support blood caner research and patient services.

1987: $6.4 million in research grans awarded, cumulative total $50 million
2007: 64.7 million in research grans awarded, cumulative total $550 million

Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia:
1987: Five year survival rate was less than 55%
2007: Five year survival rate with high quality of life is 95%

1987: Survival rate: 12%
2007: Survival rate about 36% (but still so far to go!)

Financial aid provided to patients
1987: 5,500 patients
2007: 16, 958

Family support:
1987: Groups available in 14 chapters with 1,500 patients and family members served
2007: Groups available in 68 chapters with 9,500 patients and family members served