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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Long time no blog

I'm back. We have officially started tapering, so runs are getting pretty darn short. As I get more and more excited about the race, San Fran and the misbehaving after party, I can't help but take a minute to send share my thoughts about what happened at the Chicago marathon this year.

If you didn't know it was incredible hot at the marathon in Chicago this year, high 80's and not enough water. So 300 people went to the hospital and they ended up closing the race early. I can imagine working so hard to train for a marathon and then having it end so disappointingly. But fortunately, our coaches have decided to let the Chitown runners keep training for the Philly marathon if they would like to.

I ran the Norwegian half marathon last weekend, and it was so incredibly painful! I didn't correlate it to the heat at the time, but I am praying that was the problem.

So at any rate, I am on strict orders not to workout this week--save for a few 30 minute runs and light stretching. It will be weird, but definitely nice to have an excuse to skip the workout. I feel as though my post-marathon workouts will be pretty intense, as I didn't really get into shape training. Shocking as it may be. Obviously, I have great endurance, but no definition or anything.

So anyways, in leui of working out I have a lot to do to get ready for this marathon:

Buy a I love NY t-shirt and statue of liberty crown to wear to the TNT party. TNT teams around the country get together before the race. NYC is the largest team--over 200, but thousands of people will be at the party and we have to represent.

I also need race ready shorts and perhaps some running tights, as it has been so cold lately. Hello Autumn so glad you decided to join us!

Batteries for my camera--this is not going to go undocumented!