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Sunday, June 17, 2007

Exciting discoveries

My Saturday running partner let me in a virtual cornucopia of run enhancing knowledge!

The first being that there is an incredible bathroom hidden under the stairs of Bethesda Terrace. I can over-hype this WC! These are not the damp, paper-strewn, mirror-less park bathrooms of Astoria Park. They are actually far nicer than any Starbucks bathroom I have ever used, and nicer than most of the restrooms in Barnes and Noble. They can only be described as immaculate creations of marble and stone with a rows and rows of stalls. Not that they were all necessary because they were all empty before I arrived! Everyone was probably in the stinky porta-potties lied up outside. Run easy New York.

Great discovery 2.

The Nike Town store on 5th ave lets runners leave their bags in lockers while they run. This means that I can practice in the park on non-team practice days without wondering what to do with all my stuff! I have a habit of preparing for every case scenario. So like Nicole Riche and her starlet posse, I too carry a larger than life, ever-present, 40+ pound shoulder bag that is stocked with enough provisions to prepare me for anything from a trip to the gym to an ice storm. Not exactly something I can leave under a bush in Central Park.
So thanks Nike!