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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Workout/diet Update

So far my "eating lifestyle" changes have been going pretty well. Progress, not perfection. I would like to point out that I think adopting lifestyle changes is a far better idea than going on a diet. With the exception of diet coke, I am not trying to cut anything out of my diet, but I find making changes like not mindlessly grazing/eating and not grazing and having dessert after dinner, cuts down a lot (but not all) of my cookies, chocolate, ice cream, bites of this and that (the extras as Joy Bauer would say), so that seems to be good.

I haven't been perfect with diet coke, but I have cut down about a third of what I used to drink and boy have the sweets cravings subsided! I literally went all of Tuesday without ever thinking about sweets and ate no refined stuff all day, which is very unlike me. I have found the key is to get through the morning with out any stimulants like diet coke or really sweet things, then it is smooth(er) sailing from there.

Of course the workout part is the easiest part for me! I just love the high of an intense workout and the lingering happy buzz that I feel on the way home from the gym. Even on days when I really really don't want to go and drag myself through the workout, I think of this motto: you never feel worse after going to the gym. It's true.

So onto the workouts:

Monday: 30 minutes on elliptical (watching Jon and Kate+8--I am a dork!_
15 minute treadmill run

Leg/glute work
Quad press about 24 reps, half regular, half down in 2nd position, plie style
abductor and adductor machine (24 reps each)
hamstring curl machine-20 reps
quad extension machine-20 reps
22 total lunges with 5 pound weights doing overhead presses
24 back lunges with weights while extending arms to the side
25 squats on that half ball thing (bosui?)

Arm work
5 minutes general arm work, curls, tricep extensions, etc.

Ab work

Stay slim on the Road Workout

With my own additions.

After "the dolphin" I go into my own plank series.

I stay in plank and then I jog my knees (basically alternating) for 30 seconds. rest for 10 seconds. Go back into plank for 30 seconds. Do double knee touch downs for 30 reps in plank position. Rest 15 seconds. The I go into plank and alternate touching my hips to the ground. Left hip touch, return to center, right hip touch. For about 30 total touches.

With the "Grasshopper" I usually do another 12 reps.

After the "Balancing Calm" I do leg lifts in that position, 12 on each side, plus 10 leg circles in the position, in each direction.

I also did a lot of walking on Monday.


35 minutes elliptical
30 minute treadmill run

Lots of abs, including the Stay Slim on the Road Workout, 100 sit ups on the stability ball, leg lifts on the ab thing I can't remember the name of but you hang and lift your legs. Plus a few rounds of regular crunches, bicycles, the sit ups with a medicine ball.


10 minute warm up run at 6 mph
Master the Treadmill with OK GO

35 minutes on elliptical

10 minutes stretching sore muscles.

I also started out my morning by walking to work from Grand Central about 2 miles.

Lots of short races coming up, and I need to try out all the classes I have been eyeing!

Thanks for the comments, I will respond soon.


VeggieGirl said...

Glad to read that you're making good progress with your diet and exercise goals - keep it up! :0)

Good luck with your upcoming races!!

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