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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Run for Some Tiffany's

Super exciting news!

The Nike Women's Marathon (which sold out in hours) is open to everyone, everywhere. So get ready to run like a girl, ladies.

All you have to do is own a Nike+ Ipod Sport or the Nike+ Sportband, and you can register to log 13.1 miles on October 19th. There is no need to be in San Fran. If you don't own any nike+ sport gear, you can get it on amazon or the Nike website and if you don't wear Nike's, you can pick up a shoe pouch for under $10.

There is a $45 registration fee, and all finishers will receive a key chain designed by Tiffany & Co. and a Finisher's T-Shirt from Nike. You can run on your own (the nike+sports stuff will track and send the info to Nike via your online account) or sign up to join runners near you. See website for details and locations.

There are no excuses! You have plenty of time to train!
While my San Fran experience was irreplacable, as you can read in my earlier posts, I am so excited to be able to participate without having to spend the money to go to SF.
It is also a great girl power event; I read one reaction from a guy who ran the Nike Women's Marathon and he said something to this effect: why do they let guys sign up for this? When I finished they handed me a necklace and pink shirt that said "ran like a girl." Quel Beast. Darling, what did you expect?